10 most Haunted Places you need to avoid in Rajasthan

10 most Haunted forts_Places you need to avoid in Rajasthan min

For ages, the desire to learn more about unfamiliar has motivated individuals to journey to the four corners of the globe. Although some people get a buzz from visiting haunted locations, others choose to avoid them. India, the country of tens of thousands of undiscovered tales, has its fair share of strange places to visit in Rajasthan. Look at a list to see if you’re brave enough to go exploring or scared enough to stay away.

Bhangarh Fort

This deserted hamlet in Rajasthan, which is attached to a magnificent fort, as well as being one of India’s top haunted locations. Bhangarh as well as its remains are restricted to tourists from sundown until daybreak when the paranormal activities on the site are said to be at their peak.

Village of Kuldhara

Kuldhara, approximately 12.4 miles west from Jaisalmer, became vacated as in late nineteenth-century & utterly devastated.

The village’s haunting history began in 1825. It is when all of the locals, as well as residents in 83 nearby villages, fled in the middle of the night, leaving behind an unbreakable curse that no one would ever be able to live there again.

Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Brijraj Bhawan becomes a historic hotel again for inexperienced, but legends of the ghost of a British man named Captain Charles Burton abound in the castle. Captain Burton & the family was assassinated here by Indian rebels, and his spirit is supposed to wander the grounds in Rajasthan.


Jagatpura is a Jaipur neighbourhood. It is said to be haunted by the souls of residents who died there. This nation was formerly governed by an egotistical and selfish monarch. And the peasants perished of famine under his reign. When the moon rises, the usually tranquil setting becomes eerie.

Rana Kumbha Palace is a castle built by Rana Kumbha

This Rana Kumbha Palace, a major cultural and architectural marvel, is located within the beautiful Chittorgarh Fort. Although this fort would be a famous tourist attraction, many people are unaware that it may be possessed. Others have claimed to have seen a woman dressed in a princely dress with a burned face, and also hearing voices pleading for rescue.

Sudha Bay

Sudha Bay, nearby Pushkar, is where exorcisms take place. Although it is not a haunted location, an unimaginable amount of eerie and disturbing events occur on a day this year. There seem to be several odd ceremonies that are guaranteed to give anyone the creeps. That’s the kind of place you should avoid if you’re afraid of heights.

Nearby Dudu Village, on NH-79

Highway NH-79 of Dudu Village dubbed the “lane that begs for blood,” is among Rajasthan’s top haunted locations. The eerie tale stems from a period where child marriage was common in the nation. A 5-day old baby girl was forced to get married to a 3-year-old boy from Dudu village in Rajasthan.

The mom of the little girl, on the other hand, has been against the marriage and rushed to the road for aid. There she with her baby was struck by a car. Both mother and daughter died on the sight, and tales of their souls haunt the highway has continued since before in Rajasthan.

Baori Chand

It is a stepwell in the Rajasthani hamlet of Abhaneri. Despite being a magnificent structure, it has a history of being among the top haunted locations in the region. Chand Baori is claimed to be the world’s deepest well with steps. It has over more than 3500 steps, and then to be created the demons that too in a single night, as per natives.

Highway of Jaipur and Delhi

This Delhi-Jaipur Highway is undoubtedly another of Rajasthan’s most haunted locations. Having a slew of scary stories to go along with it. This roadway is supposed to be possessed by the presence of a woman who was killed/died here. Passengers travelling across the roadway late at night may become dizzy. Others have also reported seeing sightings and hearing cries, according to certain reports.

The Nahar Garh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is perched on the border of Aravalli Range, with a view of Jaipur’s pink city. Its fort’s walls were erected to cut the royal family off from the rest of the globe. The opulence of the castle cannot conceal the spookiness from one of Rajasthan’s most haunted locations. Sawai Raja Man Singh constructed the castle together with Amer Fort & Jaigarh Fort. This emperor was so devoted to the castle which he constructed for his lovely queens and even after their death. The Nahargarh Fort remains possessed by his spirit. For more details visit Lock Your Trip.