10 Most Interesting Facts About Leh Ladakh

10 most interesting facts about Leh Ladakh

Ladakh has been the world’s highest inhabit area. It is find in Jammu & Kashmir’s northeast region. Leh Ladakh is a religious and adventurous destination that draws visitors with its attractive Buddhist heritage, amazing natural wonders, mountain roads, outdoor adventures, and colorful celebrations.

One of the World’s Tallest Telescopes

The India Astrophysical Telescope, which is situate on Mount Saraswati, is among the 10 leading highest operational telescopes on the globe. The benefit of a position like this is that it is ideal for astronomy and photographing. Do you realize that at nighttime, this reconnaissance orbiter panoramic view of Pangong Lake would be starry? This telescope is situate at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea levels. The air would be clear of pollutants and clean at this altitude. This gives the spectators a good view of the celestial objects.

The World’s Highest Walkway

This Bailey Bridge is the globe’s highest altitude overpass. The walkway, which connects Dras and Suru Rivers, was complete in 1982. The walkway is situate at a height of 5,602 meters high. This bridge, made of lattice steel, is indeed a prefabricated construction of strategic significance in combat activities.

The Country’s Highest Settlement Area

So, This region around Zanskar and Suru Valley is the tallest settlement location in the country. This area, which is 4,400 meters high, is populate by the Rangdum people.

The World’s Highest Elevation Pitch

Pensi-la may not be the world’s largest highest peak, although it is home to the nation’s largest precision agriculture zone. The farming terrain around Tso Moriri Lake throughout the Korzok area is 4,600 meters high and is cover with farm areas.

The Bactrian Camel with Twin Hump

Throughout the ladakh trip, the camel having two humps are prevalent. As in the Nubra Valley area, a Humped camel ride is a popular activity. These hump camels are Mongolian in origin and then were brought to the United States during the time of silk trade era.

The Largest Saline Lake in the World That Freezes

Therefore, The very first intriguing fact is that now the Pangong Lake is the largest saline lake in the world. It is approx 4,350 meters in total area. This body of water is share by India plus China. Normally, saline water bodies don’t get freeze in the wintertime, however, Pangong Lake does.

Hill of Zero Gravity

The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is essentially an optical illusion. This appears to be an uphill road, yet it is downward. As a result, if you put your car on neutral then switch off the engine, it will appear as if it is being pushe uphill.

Kung-Fu is Taught to Females

While most movies feature masculine Kung-Fu experts and fighters, Ladakh offers Kung-Fu to both priests and nuns.

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Himalayan Passes That Can Be Driven

Leh Ladakh is home to the world’s leading motorable mountain roads. However, Khardung La Pass, measuring 5,359 meters high, is the tallest of them all. A mountain bike trip along this path is a must-do for every adventurer visiting Ladakh.

Jammu & Kashmir’s Greatest Plateau

In J&k, Ladakh has been the tallest plateau. This plateau, which stretches from Kunlun Distances towards the Himalayas & encompasses the Greater Indus Valley. It is 3000 meters high.