15 Water Sports Activities You Can Do in Andaman with Your Partner

15 Water sports activities you can do in Andaman with your partner

Best Activities to Do in Andaman

If you wish to unwind by spending a few days together with dear ones.  Andaman would be the ideal location for you since there are so many activities to do. The golden-coloured, crystal-clear water, greyish sea, wide sky, and a less-travelled atmosphere.

Scuba Diving

A must-do adventure throughout the andaman trip packages is scuba diving. In Andaman, scuba diving has been among the most popular pastimes. Scuba diving is an excellent way to explore the sea life of Andamans, which are recognized for their beautiful crystal-clear water with calm shores. Observe the aquatic creatures and explore the uncharted waters.

Underwater Sea Walking

What is the better way of learning about the deepest and darkest secrets of the water than go sea walking? Yeah, you read that correctly, guys. Underwater sea walking is an amazing water sport, adored by people all over the world, thanks to the peaceful beaches & crystal blue water.

Glass Bottom Boating

That’s just another sport that you should experience while being on your vacation in the Andaman Islands. Most of you are probably aware of the one-of-a-kind dolphin’s glass-bottomed boat also in the Andaman Islands.


If you’re not sure which sport to start with, let us help you out with this exhilarating pastime in Andaman. Snorkelling is among the most popular activities in the Andaman Islands, and it is a must-do for visitors.

Sea Plane Ride

This exhilarating activity is not to be missed. The greatest adventurous water sports to experience in the Islands. These beautiful seaplanes fly from Port Blair to Havelock Island, carrying up to nine passengers at a time.

Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder

In the Andaman Islands, sea kayaking is known to be a popular sport among visitors from all over the world. This exercise will last around 2.5 hours. As you ride through the vegetation, hear the birds tweeting and relax.

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You would love this sport since it combines water and aerial excitement. A specially constructed canopy is utilized to pull you into the wind while you take in the sights from a new viewpoint. However, this sport is primarily carried out on calm seas.

Jet Skiing

Feel the rush as you criss-cross your path through the blue water. As you travel on this incredible machine, be sprayed directly in the face. Handle your movements, and you’ll have a memorable time on the jet ski.

Speed Boating

Get an opportunity to do some sharp ups and downs while cruising through the sea at a fast pace. Most importantly, you won’t be concerned because you’ll be within the speedboat while the chilly waves crash about you.

Banana Boat Riding

Experience the adrenaline as you make those hair-raising turns. Most importantly, you’ll be travelling with your buddies, which would be a lot more enjoyable. Hang on tight, dudes, as you experience this one-of-a-kind banana river cruise in the Andaman Sea, which will make your vacation even more exhilarating.

Sport Fishing or Angling

Not every water activity requires you to get wet. Enjoy the excitement of catching a big fish while admiring the wide grandeur of the sea. It’s something amazing and one-of-a-kind, and you’ll be astonished when you travel to these islands and go fishing.

Dolphin Watching

Who doesn’t enjoy swimming with dolphins? While cruising around the magnificent island, see the aquatic life via the glass panels. In addition, you’ll be completely immersed in a beautiful world of aquatic life. You have a wide range of cruise options to select from.


It is the most effective method for overcoming your concerns when surfing. So, Importantly, you would be at one of the very beautiful locations in your andaman tour packages for couple, which have been rarely visited by tourists.

Elephant Beach

There is a sand beach with the turquoise sea at Elephants Beach. And the lighthouse is visible while on a boat journey towards Elephant Beach. But, This is one of the reasons to explore Elephant Beach. It is well-known for its diving spots and beaches.

Havelock island

It is well-known for its diving spots and beaches. Radha Nagar Beach, with its sickle shape, is often a favourite place to view the sundown. Wide, tree-lined stony portions define the eastern end of the island activities .