Best Islands in Kerala: Appealing You to See Nature’s Breathtaking Beauty


God’s Own Country – Have you ever thought about how well this label fits Kerala? That’s incredible, isn’t it? And, indeed, Kerala is more than deserving of the label God’s Own Country. Kerala, located in southern India, is one of the top tourist attractions. With beautiful houseboats, temples, shopping centers, hill stations, beaches, and the list goes on. Among these interesting things, one key draw that we will look at in this blog is the islands of Kerala. Yes, Kerala is equipped with several beautiful islands that bring nature near to you. And will make you speechless with their beauty. You can also witness the beauty of these islands by simply choosing a perfect Kerala honeymoon tour package on LYT. Now get ready to read and explore the top islands of Kerala.

Bolgatty Island

Bolgatty Island, located in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, is one of the most known islands in Kerala. That has now been turned into a world-class resort, giving breathtaking views as well as first-class services to tourists. It is ideal for honeymooners who want to unwind in the middle of nature and privacy. The island also features the Kochi International Marina. Which can accommodate up to 34 boats beside the water and has sewage pump-out facilities and lighting. While visiting this island, you will come across the Bolgatty Event Center. Which is known to host a variety of events, conferences, weddings, and exhibitions. Cochin International Airport is around 33 kilometers from the island; therefore, you can easily rent a cab to travel to the island.

Pathiramanal Island

The Pathiramanal Island is a must-add in the Kerala honeymoon tour package. Pathiramanal Island literally translates to “night sands.” This little and lovely island is located in the Alleppey district’s backwaters. If you enjoy viewing birds, you must visit this island at least once. Yes, according to data, this location is home to 91 kinds of birds, including 50 migratory birds. As a result, you will be able to witness a variety of species, including the Little Egret, Night Heron, Common Teal, and many others. Take a look around the island and try to catch some wonderful picturesque views.

Willingdon Island

The Willingdon Island’s natural beauty may be matched to that of some of Asia’s islands. Despite the fact that it is a man-made island situated in Kochi. Willingdon Island, as an artificial island that is this gorgeous draws. A lot of newly married couples who want to spend some time in peace and quiet with their better half. Several wonderful resorts may also be located here, with beautiful views from rooms and balconies. The island is home to the Indian Naval Base as well as the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology. Many of the island’s high-end hotels and resorts provide stunning views of the Ocean and the Kerala backwaters.

Vypin Island

Vypin Island, one of Kerala’s most beautiful islands, will allow you to experience the Portuguese culture that still exists here. From building to people, the island is heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture, which will also provide you with a peek of India’s rich tradition and history. The island is claimed to be one of the most heavily populated in the world and is a wonderful area to appreciate nature. Island runs for around 27 kilometers and is home to some of Kerala’s top beaches, including Kuzhupilly, Cherai, Munambam and Pathotype.

This island is linked to Kochi by a series of bridges known as the Goostree Bridges. If you want to try your hand at fishing, travel to Munambam Fishing Harbour, Kochi’s largest harbor. The island is well-known not only for its natural beauty, but also for its numerous attractions such as Elamkunnapuzha Subrahmanya Temple, Cruz Milagros Church, Azeekal Varaha Moorthy Temple, Cheria Temple, Saho Daran Ayyappan Smarak am, and many others.

Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is without a doubt one of Kerala’s most peaceful islands to be visited by couples. You can also visit this beautiful calm island by choosing a perfect Kerala honeymoon tour package.  This island is located in the Kannur district and is also known as the Green Island by the locals. Looking for a tranquil spot to sit back and appreciate nature? Dharmadam Island is the ideal location for you. The lush vegetation, palm trees, and stunning views are enough to allure any type of tourist. Also, be sure to take some beautiful images of this island because it is full of natural beauty.

Kuruvadweep Island

Kuruvadweep Island, also known as Kurva Island, is a well-known island in Kerala. The ideal island for wildlife enthusiasts! This island is famous for its rich vegetation and Kerala wildlife tour packages . Trekking is also one of the greatest activities to do on Kuruvadweep Island. So, trekkers, be ready for an unforgettable adventure. Not only that, but Kuruvadweep Island also provides Travellers with a pleasant boat trip and rafting experience. 

Vini’s Farm Island

Vini’s Farm Island is one of the greatest spots to visit in Kerala. If you want to spend time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island, which is locate in Kollam, is stretch over 2 acres of land. And is supplies with completely furnishes. Wooden homes and surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is ideal for couples who wish to spend quality time together in the midst of nature. The entire island would be yours alone, with no one to bother you. This private island may be rent for roughly 12,000 per night. With all modern and luxurious facilities.

Kavai Island

One of the finest things to do in India is to explore Kerala’s backwaters. Which is a terrific pastime if you adore Mother Nature. Kavai Island in Kannur is a beautiful site to enjoy Kerala’s backwaters. Its well know for having the largest set of backwaters in Kerala’s northern region. Where various adventurous activities may be enjoy. Island’s mesmerizing beauty makes it one of the top Kerala islands to visit. If you want to witness lush green surroundings and engage in adventurous activities.

All of the Kerala islands mentioned above are beautifully bestowe by nature and would offer you with an amazing vacation. Are you ready to trek or walk across the island with your loved one? If so, it’s time to book the perfect Kerala honeymoon tour package offered by Lock Your Trip (LYT).