7 Churches in Kerala That Will Amaze You with Their Glory

Churches in Kerala

Kerala is often known as ‘God’s own country,’ is home to a variety of natural treasures. The Kerala has something for everyone, whether it’s a location for pleasure, cuisine, music, holiday, tours, or religion. Kerala, blessed with all the wonders of nature and a variety of pilgrimage opportunities, is a popular tourist destination for both nature lovers and religious pilgrims. Here, one may immerse themselves in the splendor of nature while also praying to God, and therefore achieve real inner peace. This state is a must-visit for everyone and you can visit this state by just booking the Kerala family tour package offered by Lock Your Trip, the rest will be up to us. Since the introduction of Christianity in India, Kerala has served as a motherland, containing all of the country’s most beautiful churches.

The state is thought to be home to roughly ten Christian groups as well as countless churches with stunning architecture and designs. With its ancient Churches, Cathedrals, and Basilicas, the state is guaranteed to attract you. The churches in this area are created in European style and have wonderful architecture that makes them worth witnessing. So, the next time you plan a trip to Kerala, check through the list below to learn about the famous churches in Kerala that you must see.

St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church in Kochi, which features superb Portuguese architecture, is say to be unique among all European churches build in India. It was built in the 15th century by Portuguese traders. When the fame explorer Vasco-da-Gama die in 1524. During his third trip to India, he was buries in this church. After fourteen years, his bones were relocate to Lisbon, but his gravestone remains in the churches in Kerala.

St George Foran Church

Edhatu Church, also known as St. George Foran Church, is located on the banks of the Pampa River and is dedicate to St George. The church, which was build in 1810, is tell to have magical healing properties. Many mental problems and other physical difficulties have been treat by praying at this sacred spot. The gorgeous church built in the style of mediaeval European dazzling architecture. Complete with majestic arches and massive pillars.

Set amidst picturesque rice fields, beautiful backwaters, and rows of lovely coconut trees, the two-century-old church also hosts several gatherings that draw people from all over the world. Furthermore, the church’s most prominent feature is the yearly feast around the end of April and early May. The church is a treasur site and an important holy landmark among Christians. But it is also honor and visited by Hindus. It is one of the most Popular churches in Kerala.

Tomb Of Saint Alphonsa

St. Mary’s Church, located 5 kilometers east of Pala in Bharananganam, Kottayam, holds the human remains of St. Alphonsa (1910- 1946). This place is a must-visit in the Kerala family tour package. St. Alphonsa, also known as Anna Muttathupadathu, was an Indian religious sister and teacher. She was the first Indian woman to be canonize as a Saint by the Catholic Church. As well as the first canonized saint in the Syron-Malabar Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic Church in India. Her death anniversary is on July 28th, which is the day when believers come to the church in large numbers to pay honor to the saint and seek her blessings.

The museum next to the church contains her things, including her books, bed, and umbrella. “Alphonsa is among the few wonderful souls who lived in India; who have gained greatness in God’s eyes,” according to a record of her speech. Her room is next to it, where she spent numerous years of her life. Across from the church, there is a two-story building. That was formerly the Papal platform and is now surround by a stadium and a well-kept terraced garden. The complex also has a gift shop where you may buy books, rosaries, and photos to take home with you.

St. Andrew Basilica

St. Andrew’s Basilica in Arthun Kal, in the district of Alappuzha, is the world’s largest shrine to Saint Sebastian. Originally erected by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th and 17th centuries. The church restore in 1584 under the priest Jacomo Felicio. Who was notion to have healing abilities for both body and mind and was commonly know as Arthun Kal Veluthachan. Which translates to fair-skin father. Eight years after the vicar’s death, the shrine was rebuild to face west, towards the Arabian Sea’s silky white beaches. Diocletian, the Roman ruler, killed the saint for converting to Christianity. A life-size monument of the vicar was carve in Milan in 1647 and installed at the Arthun Kal church. The statue’s body is wound with arrows and cover with blood, portraying the horrible execution. The interiors have been beautifully decorate with wood, and the church displays magnificent historical architecture.

Catholic Rosary Church

This Catholic Rosary Church, a work of art, is believe to have been build in the early 16th century. This church, which is located near Thalasseri Fort, is one of Kerala’s oldest churches. The amazing stained-glass art brought from London is show in the building. Two more prominent Thalasseri attractions are Thalasseri Fort and Brennen Cemetery, which are both located near the church.

Santa Cruz Basilica

The Santa Cruz Catholic Basilica is one of India’s eight basilicas and is located in Fort Kochi. This majestic Roman Catholic church, located on K.B. Jacob Road in Fort Kochi, serves as the metropolitan church of the Diocese of Kochi. The church is the Portuguese’s second cathedral. The columns are fresco and incorporate seven big canvas paintings, in addition to the spectacular stain glass windows. The Via Crucis is show in finely paint murals on the ceiling. This Church has great meaning for the Christians who live in Kochi since it symbolizes the beginning of their faith in India.

Nadamel Marth Mariam Church

Many consider this church to be Kerala’s most famous church, which is worth a visit. When you visit this church, you will be amaze by the wonderful energy and holy atmosphere that surrounds it. If you have interest in history. You will be please to learn that this church has some unique historical stories relate to it. Inquire with your tour guide, and he will be able to satisfy your interest with such tales.

We now have one for you! Locals say that whenever a new royal prince was crowned, he would make a special sacrifice here and meet with all religious leaders in the cathedral to beg for their desires. These are the 7 famous and historical churches in Kerala, one should visit these places with family to know more about the Religion. The best way to do so is the Kerala family tour package offered by LYT. What are you waiting for, go and book the package right now.