7 Famous Temples in Nainital You Must Visit on Your Trip to Uttarakhand

Famous Temples in Nainital

Nainital, located on the slopes of the outer Himalayas, is a lovely hill station that has grown in popularity throughout the country over time. It is now so well known that it is on the bucket list of every Traveller. After all, who doesn’t want to spend a calm weekend surrounded by lakes, hills, woods, valleys, and peaks? Wouldn’t you agree? But did you know that Nainital has a lot more to offer than just natural beauty? Have you ever tried visiting the less-travelled regions of the city, such as ancient landmarks and temples? In this blog we will talk about Famous Temples in Nainital.

If not, you should consider going because of their historical and religious importance. So, this season, let’s begin on an excursion to discover the unknown by visiting temples in Nainital. What are you waiting for?  Pack your bags and book the Uttarakhand tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. These spiritual sites are all designed to quiet your nerves and comfort your mind. Continue reading this blog to learn more about these Nainital temples.

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple, one of the most beautiful temples in the region, is located on the shores of Naini Lake and is another place where one may get lost in peace and calmness. The temple, as the name suggests, is devoted to Goddess Naina Devi and is supposed to have been built in the 15th century. Later on, invaders destroyed the temple. However, it was restored and remodeled in the late nineteenth century, and it has been a significant religious landmark in the state ever since. Every month, it is visit by hundreds of Hindu worshipers, it is one of the most Popular Famous Temples in Nainital.

Muktheshwar Temple

Muktheshwar Temple, located on the outskirts of Nainital, is an age-old temple dedicate to Lord Shiva and is one of the region’s oldest temples, noted for its religious as well as historic importance. Although the actual history of its establishment is uncertain. It is notion to have found in the 16th century. Its elevation of around 7585 feet provides tourists with mesmerizing sights of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys. Muktheshwar Temple is a must-see place for everyone interest in learning about Nainital’s religious past.

Hanuman Garhi Temple

Hanuman Garhi Temple, one of Nainital’s most prominent temples, is speak to have been founde in the early twentieth century by Neem Karoli Baba. A religious master and Lord Hanuman devotee. This lovely temple, surrounded by tall hills in the beautiful green valleys of Nainital, is also know as one of the most spectacular sunset sites in the region. This temple is a must-visit in Uttarakhand, book the Uttarakhand tour package to visit this place and take the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The area surrounding the temple is always fill with tourists. However, if you want to travel off the main drag, you must visit the temple compound to experience the majesty of divine power. Because the temple is located at a height of more than 6400 feet, it also offers panoramic views to its guests.

Kainchi Dham Temple

The Kainchi Dham Temple is a lovely ashram establish Neem Karoli Baba. A Hindu guru who dedicated his life to the development of humanity. This ashram is located away from the main population of Nainital. Making it an ideal spot to somehow get lost in quiet and calmness. Many visitors visit Kachhi Dham as a it is one of the famous temples in nainital

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no better site in Nainital than Kanichi Dham Temple, where you may sense the essence of calm as well as holiness. The ashram is speak to have been establish in the late twentieth century, and it has since become a famous pilgrimage site for his disciples and Hindu worshippers.

Pashen Devi Temple

Pashen Devi Temple, another temple near Naina Lake, is a stone-carved temple and one of the area’s most important religious attractions. Worshippers who visit the temple bring sin doors and attire since it is dedicate to Goddess Durga. Another important aspect of the temple that makes it a widely renowned pilgrimage place in the community is the continuous flame that has been blazing since the temple’s construction. Every year, hundreds of Hindu worshippers visit the shrine. If you want to see all of the important temples in Nainital, you can’t afford to miss this historic location. Therefore, don’t miss this location as it is one of the famous temples in nainital.

Golu Devata Mandir

This remarkable temple is a must-see in any Uttarakhand travel package. Golu Devata is say to be an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav (Shiva) and is venerat as the giver of justice by dedicat followers all throughout the area. His brave son and General, Jhal Rai, and his mother, Kalinka, as well as his grandpa and great grandfather, Hal Rai, are all remembered in history. Champa Wat is the birthplace of Golu Devata, according to legend. His mother, Kalinka, say to be the sister of Lord Golu’s uncles, Harish Chand Devejyan and Sem Devejyan.

The most popular Golu Devata temple is in Kumaon.  According to popular belief, Golu Devata grants quick justice to his devotees. Following the fulfilment of a request, devotees give bells and animal sacrifice. Thousands of bells of various sizes hang from the temple grounds. A large number of devotees send handwritten petitions to the temple every day, which are accept.

Katar Mal Sun Temple

The Katar Mal Sun Temple is locate at an elevation of 2116 meters. Above sea level and was build in the 9th century. Katar Mal is located in Almora and is the country’s second most important Sun Temple. The first being the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. It is around 70 kilometers from Nainital. This temple complex has one main temple that is surround by 45 lesser shrines.

This Katar Mal Sun Temple is a historically significant landmark. Katar Mal is a character in Katar Mal. Sun Temple is recogniz for its beautiful carve pillars and wooden doors. As well as its great architecture and well-produced stone and metallic sculptures. Surya’s figure at the temple dates back to the 12th century.

Its Katar Mal Sun Temple has a particular architectural style, with intricately carved sculptures on the walls. Despite the fact that it is surround by ruins, it is a popular tourist attraction in the area. And many devotees come to pray to the Sun God here. These are some of the most well-known temples in Nainital. Which serve as major tourist attractions for pilgrims and Travellers alike. Aside from seeking blessings. You may also explore the different architecture of these famous shrines and discover calm and joy. Here by simply choosing the perfect Uttarakhand tour package by LYT according to your needs and choices.