Guide To The Hornbill Festival: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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Hornbill Festival is one of Nagaland’s most prominent events, hosted every year from the 1st to the 10th of December. The Hornbill Festival is Nagas’ most well-known festival. A large crowd has gathered to celebrate by drinking, eating, singing, and dancing. In this guide to the hornbill festival, we will try to provide every little information about the festival. You can book the Nagaland tour package offered by Lock Your Trip to enjoy the festival in a good way. Continue reading this travel guide to the Hornbill Festival to learn more about this festival of Nagaland 2022.

What Is Hornbill Festival

What Is Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is one of Nagaland’s great celebrations of the indigenous warrior tribes. The Naga people have a long history of preserving their own traditions and customs. As a result, tourists buy Nagaland tour packages to visit the Hornbill Festival 2022 to explore the uniqueness of the tribes and spend time with the residents. Each of the state’s tribes and sub-tribes has its unique methods to promote its culture. There are multi-coloured spears and Dao’s with coloured goat’s hair, in addition to their traditional ritual dress, which varies by tribe. Exotic headgears and ivory armlets are two additional notable Naga traditional items that steal the spotlight. Previously, fighters had to show their bravery by wearing them.

Despite the vast modernity that has entered their life, the people have kept their rituals and heritage. The empire is known as the “Land of Festivals,” and the people who live there love to celebrate the victories of ancient warriors and heroes of mankind. In addition, medley left a lasting impression on romance, traditional songs, and gospel music. The event is named after Hornbill, one of the most revered birds in the province. Surprisingly, the bird’s worth is reflected in its tribal influences, songs, and dances.

Why Hornbill Festival Celebrated

Hornbill is the name of a bird that the Nagas have long portrayed and adored. The stories and songs heard during the Hornbill Festival Nagaland demonstrate the significance of this bird. The feathers of the bird were used to beautify the Nagas people’s and warriors’ headgears. Initially, the government attempted to persuade people not to shoot these birds and instead to protect them, but all efforts were useless. This species of bird was in danger of death due to widespread hunting, which was a wake-up call for Nagas. Hornbill Festival was held for the first time in Nagaland in 2000, and it includes folk songs and dance, traditional games, and songs from their battles. And now it’s a great affair, with people from all over the world travelling to be a part of this festival.

How To Reach Kohima, Nagaland

Guide To The Hornbill Festival

Guide To The Hornbill Festival Nagaland lacks both an airport and a railway station. Still, If you are planning a trip to Kohima, this is how you can get there.

  • By Air: Kohima does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is 74 kilometres away at Dimapur. Dimapur only has domestic flights and is linked to Kolkata and Guwahati, both of which have direct flights. International passengers must first land at either Kolkata or Delhi international airports before connecting to a flight to Dimapur. It is two hour cab trip Kohima from Dimapur. Which various taxi companies run to and from and which may be booked. If you need to go somewhere quickly, you may take a 30-minute helicopter trip from the airport.
  • By Train: Because of its rugged terrain, Kohima does not even have a railway station. The closest railway station is in Dimapur, which is linked to the key cities of Guwahati and Kolkata. Although travelling by rail might be time-consuming, it is the most efficient method to get to Kohima. It is not only the cheapest way, but it also passes through some of the most beautiful mountain valleys and slopes.
  • By Road: The NH39 connects Kohima to Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram, and Manipur. The state is connected with highways Shillong from Guwahati. From where other states reached. To get to Kohima, you can take a taxi or a bus.

Note: Don’t forget that you’ll need an Inner Line Permit to explore and see most of the places in Nagaland.

How To Get A Inner Line Permit

How To Get A Inner Line Permit

To visit Nagaland, all visitors who are not Nagaland residents must get an Inner Line Permit. Visitors can get this permission from the Deputy Resident Commissioner’s Offices in Guwahati, Shillong, Delhi, and Kolkata. Alternatively, you can obtain an “on-arrival” ILP at the Dimapur DC office. It is preferable to apply for this permission early in the morning. You will allowed to enter and visit Kohima once you have obtained the permit.

On which day Hornbill Festival celebrated?

The Hornbill Festival is a ten-day festival. it is held every year during the first week of December the 1st to 10th of this month.

Where Does The Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

The Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, approximately 12 kilometres from Nagaland’s capital, Kohima, celebrates the Hornbill Festival. It starts at 9 AM every day. You may get to the venue by taking a cab. Purchase your tickets at the entrance gate and proceed through the security checkpoint. However, to park your car at the site, you must have a valid permit.

How’s The Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

How's The Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

The festival held to promote inter-tribal harmony. As well as colorful local culture and traditions. The visual retreat showcases the distinctive cultures, rituals, and activities while also protecting the history. All of Nagaland’s major tribes participate in the celebrations, displaying a variety of artworks, traditional music, dances, and sports. Handicrafts, handlooms, multi-cuisine food vendors, and local food stalls are all on show.

While a plentiful supply of rice beer is always available to consumers. Evenings are lightened by the spectacular Hornbill National Rock Concert, in which bands from around the country and overseas compete. The town’s fantastic Night Market. The Naga chilli eating competition, however, is the festival’s most appealing event. Furthermore, the popular pork eating event generates a lot of excitement and attention. 

Top Things To Do At Hornbill Festival

  • Discover traditional artwork, folk melodies, and games.
  • However, this celebration is organized by Nagas, and 16 different tribes participate in this magnificent festival. So, have a chat with other tribes; it is a fantastic experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • At the conclusion of the day, learn more about tribal life by exploring models of tribal homes, wooden carvings, and drum instruments.
  • You should not miss out on visiting Morungs because it is one of the greatest parts of the festival. The greatest time to see Morungs is in the morning since it is when the performers begin to dress. You may get some close clicks with them if you ask for their permission.
  • Consume delicious dishes and rice beer at the food vendors.
  • Participate in the Naga Chili Eating Contest, which is known as the hottest festival ever.
  • Participate in the event by attending the many cultural performances throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget to try the regional rice beer.

Travel Tips For Hornbill Festival Attendees

If you are preparing to visit the Hornbill Festival, the following suggestions in this travel guide to the Hornbill festival will be helpful. Another important factor to remember is that the event begins on December 1. Also known as Nagaland Formation Day.

  • As one of the main tourist attractions in Nagaland, the event attracts a large number of visitors from inside and beyond the state. So, to avoid last-minute difficulties and trouble, make your reservations well in advance.
  • Bargaining is possible at numerous stalls and souvenir stores. As a result, travellers may use this option to receive the finest discounts.
  • Foreigners can’t get an Entry Permit to enter in Nagaland. However, they must register with the Foreigner’s Registration Office (District Superintendent of Police) within 24 hours of their arrival in the state.
  • A very useful Information Center is located near the event grounds. You may get a booklet listing the festival activities and other attractions in Nagaland from here.

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