Mount Abu: The Only Hill Station In The State Of Rajasthan

Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station, which is located in the Sirohi district, within the Aravalli Range. It is located 1,220 metres above sea level and also surrounded by lakes, rivers, woods, and waterfalls and is commonly referred to as “An Oasis in the Desert.” The hill station has been important since the Vedic time, and the Puranas identify it as the spot where the sage Vashishta withdrew after his fight with the sage Vishvamitra. The mountains were eventually given as part of the Rajputana realm and used as a summer retreat for the ruling Rajput family.

You can visit this hill station by booking the Udaipur Mount Abu Tour Package offered by Lock Your Trip. Mount Abu is named after the mythological snake Arbuda, who once protected Lord Shiva’s holy bull called Nandi. Arbudaranaya, which means “forests of Arbuda,” was thus given to the region. The town is home to various Hindu temples, most of which were erected during the ancient and mediaeval periods, as well as several viewpoints offering panoramic views of the Aravalli hills and adjacent plains, rivers, and woods.

History Of Mount Abu

Mount Abu’s mythology is rich, with its present name originating from the old ‘Arbu-daanchal’ a residence of many saints. It has been mentioned in the Puranas, and numerous gods and goddesses are supposed to have visited these areas. With such a rich history, the town was later control by the Gurjars, Mughals, and Rajputs at various times. Mount Abu narrates its story today through the ruins of its long and legendary past that still survive which attracts millions of visitors each year.

Best Time To Visit Mount Abu

Best Time To Visit Mount Abu

The winter season is the best for tourists. Mount Abu is best visit between November and June. This is a lovely spot to visit, and the weather is comfortable throughout the year. It is not a year-round tourist attraction. You should visit the location at the correct time to experience practically all of its attractions and activities.



Summer begins in April and lasts till June. During this season, the temperature might reach 33 degrees Celsius. Summer days are hot, while evenings are cool and comfortable. This is the ideal time of year for outdoor activities and beautiful views. The sky will be clear, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views. This is also the month for cultural celebrations such as the Gangaur festival.



The monsoon season lasts from July to September. Although the temperature may not decrease substantially, the area will be pleasant due to the regular showers. The rains may be regular, but they are not heavy. The ground becomes mushy, foggy, and slippery. This is a good month for weekends away and relatively simple activities. The wet paths make it hard to participate in adventurous sports such as trekking, hiking, rock climbing, caving, and others. During this season, waterfalls will be at their best. It would be quite unusual to see animals or birds in the national park.



The winter season begins in November and will last till February. The temperature can drop to as low as 12 degrees Celsius. Winter at Mount Abu is not as harsh as it is in other hill stations. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. During this season, all adventure activities will be available and accessible. This is also an excellent time to see wildlife and birds at Mount Abu National Park. This is also the season for honeymoons. During the winter season, there are also several religious and cultural celebrations.

How To Reach Mount Abu

Mount Abu is well connect by road and train to the major cities and towns in Rajasthan. The nearest domestic airport is 185 kilometres away in Udaipur. Which is link to Mount Abu via fast routes. Mount Abu railway station is well connect to other cities and can be reached through Jaipur and Delhi. Buses and taxis are available from most major cities, including Udaipur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Baroda.

Food Of Mount Abu

Food Of Mount Abu

Because this is a religiously significant place, vegetarian cuisine is mostly supplie throughout the town. Non-vegetarian choices are available in several private hotels and businesses. The Rajasthani and Gujarati recipes are highly recommend since they are produc with the real flavours of the area.

Shopping In Mount Abu

Rajasthan is well-known for its handicrafts, jewellery, and textiles, and Mount Abu is no exception. Roaming the markets should undoubtedly be on your list, as you might find great prices on everything from fine woodwork to colourful bangles, gorgeous handmade clothes to valuable stone souvenirs.

Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a green paradise in Rajasthan.  Rajasthan’s only hill station offers a little green escape from the state’s never-ending plain deserts. Mount Abu is the place to go if you want to explore the other side of Rajasthan or if you want to plan a vacation in the most vibrant area in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The 288 square kilometre Wildlife Sanctuary region is one of the greatest spots to visit in Mount Abu where you can observe emerald pasture that serves as a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife such as leopards, bears, and other bird species, as well as discovers a nice escape from Rajasthan’s heat.

Dilwara Temples:

Dilwara Temples

The temples of Dilwara and Delvada testify to the fact that art is connect with Rajasthan. The country of royalty takes pleasure in its art. Which is seen in the jewel box temples and palaces of Rajasthan. Dilwara Temples should be on your list of best places to see in Mount Abu if you enjoy art.

Nakki Lake:

Nakki Lake

Take a walk along the banks of Nakki Lake to enjoy the cool evening air, or get onto a boat to take in the beauty. A visit to Nakki Lake Mount Abu may be pair with a visit to the neighbouring Toad Rock, a stunning toad-shaped rock that appears to be jumping into the lake.

Sunset Point:

Sunset Point

When it comes to sunsets, there is no better site to visit at Sunset Point. You may drive or ride a vehicle up to a specific point and then walk the remaining of the way to Sunset Point. A fantastic spot to have a seat and take in the sights during your Mount Abu trip.

Guru Shikhar:

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar, at 1,722 m, is the highest mountain in the Aravalli Range and hence one of the greatest hiking trips in Rajasthan. Grab your equipment and get prepare for an adventure, and don’t forget to bring your camera. There are several photographic locations to choose from.

Facts About Mount Abu

  • It’s holds mythical and historical significance.
  • It is the Gurjar and Rajputs’ spiritual home.
  • It serves as the Brahma Kumaris’ spiritual home.
  • This is the only hill station in Rajasthan, and it is located along the Gujarat border.
  • It’s highest peak, Guru Shikhar, stands at approximately 1722 metres.
  • The Summer, Winter, and Gangaur festivals are all major yearly events.

Mount Abu’s attractions include temples, monuments, environment, animals, and adventure.