Offbeat Things To Do In Rajasthan Which Can Be Only Experienced In This Royal State

Things To Do In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state full of attractions, and there are many ways to have fun in this state. Rajasthan has the reputation of being a land of palaces, forts, and dancing women, but this state has much more to offer than these famous points of interest. There are numerous sides of Rajasthan that will not only surprise you but will also provide you with an outstanding experience of the state. The region contains many magnificent places in all of its locations, including little districts and towns where you may view many odd and unique things seen nowhere else in the globe and also some offbeat things to do in Rajasthan. You can visit this royal state by just booking the preferred Rajasthan tour package offered by Lock Your Trip.

Rajasthan is a lovely state to visit and discover many beautiful and strange things. And there is enough space to do so. It is not only because the state belonged to the royals, and the culture of the state shows glimpses of those royalties at every stage, but the humans of this state are very religious, and they believe in many things and happenings that are traditionally related to faith, and they continue to stand tall to this day. But this time it is not about offbeat places. In this blog, we will talk about the 10 best offbeat things to do in Rajasthan.

Witness A Tribal Prayer Ceremony (Nana Village, Pali District)

On a late winter night. You found yourself seated on the verandah of the village headman’s house with Rabari men and women. An hour of captivating music followed as red-turbaned men sat in a circle. Playing instruments you’d never seen before and chanting hypnotically. Occasionally, the lead musician would stand and spin in circles, banging the ground, this is the way tribal prayer ceremonies are done.

Sleep On The Sand Dunes (Thar Desert, Beyond Jaisalmer)

This can be your favorite “Incredible India” memory when lying on a mattress among the Lakhmana sand dunes in the Thar Desert. And watching the Geminid Meteor Shower in the black desert sky. It will look like you are following the full moon’s path across the sky until it is set on the opposite side. You will see a slew of shooting stars and geminids. And without a question, this will be the finest bed to wake up in the morning.

Witness Rural Udaipur (Outskirts Of Udaipur)

If the ancient city of Udaipur, head to Mountain Ridge Homestay. Which is push on a wooded hill distant from the city. Piers and his crew have lovingly and elegantly developed. This as your entry to rural Udaipur, with its breathtaking mountain views and small tribal communities. You’ll never look at the city the same way again.

Stay At A Hunting Lodge (Lakshman Sagar, Pali District)

What is Rajasthan without a royal experience? So treat yourself to something like Lakshman Sagar. A former hunting lodge for Rajasthan royals on the edges of the Aravali hills. The resting cottages for men and women changed into in-house restaurants and gorgeous mud huts with traditional tin roofs. Everything required to repair and redesign the area is organically or locally produced. And it makes you wonder at the amazing innovation.

Drink Opium With The Rabari Tribe (Dhalop, Padampura, Pali District)

Rabari tribes, believe it or not, have a custom. In which shepherds assemble at the village elder’s house every morning for an opium drinking ceremony. The substance is illegal, but no one seems to mind in these places. Where the guys proudly claim to be obsessional and that it helps them work faster. So, if you go to their meeting at 7 AM. You will witness bearded guys in red turbans drinking opium from the village elder’s hand. You know you have to give it a go for yourself.

Catch The Sunset On The Salt Lakes (Bhap village, Phalodi district)

The salt lakes in Rajasthan’s Phalodi area provide breathtaking landscapes under the dusk sky. Watch salt workers efficiently extract salt from small lakes and take your hand at it yourself. Relax with a cup of chai and stare out at the salt lakes’ reflections. Sunset over one of these lakes may make anyone feel like a photographer.

Live On An Organic Farm (Nirvana Organic Farm)

Far from the bustling crowds and vendors of Jaipur, Nirvana Organic Farm lets you indulge yourself in Rajasthan’s traditional culture. Wake up to bird songs, help with daily farming tasks, relax in the afternoon sun on a khatiya. Then eat organic cuisine prepared in the traditional Rajasthani way on an open-air chulha.

Explore An Abandoned Village At Midnight (Kuldehra, Jaisalmer)

According to history, about 500 years ago, 84 villages of the Paliwal population near Jaisalmer were shifted overnight. Kuldehra is the most well-known, with its spectacular ruins spread about the protagonist’s house in the story of its haunting. I won’t tell you the backstory since hearing it from your guide. While you go through the town and other possibly haunted sites in the area in the middle of the night can be scarier.

Eat With 70+ Years Entrepreneur (Jaisalmer Fort)

If you’re asking for a reason to visit the Jaisalmer Fort despite its damage or injury over the years, this is it. Chandra Nani, aged 70+, feeds world-weary travellers authentic Jaisalmer cuisine and conversation in her own home in the fort. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Off-Road Into The Thar Desert (Desert National Park, Jaisalmer)

Rather than just a camel ride, go off-roading in the Thar Desert to see actual desert life. Young boys riding their camels, ladies carrying water from the well, and men working on farms. You will witness a Great Indian Bustard while off-roading with Suryagarh’s MD near Desert National Park. There are just 300 of these endangered species left in the world.

These somewhere unknown yet interesting locations provide an exciting experience for interested travellers looking to discover experiences of the state. It offers visitors to Rajasthan a one-of-a-kind experience. Travellers may use automobile rental services for full comfort while staying within their budget for ease of travel. You can book the Rajasthan tour package by LYT for experiencing the things mentioned above.