8 Rivers in Kerala: A Handy Guide for Additional Calm Feelings

Rivers in Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country, is worth seeing at least once in your life. Its scenic beauty, agreeable weather, eye-pleasing tourist destinations, and friendly residents are just a few of the elements that will draw you here. Among the attractions to see in Kerala, you should visit some of the lovely and calm rivers that run through numerous districts. These will not only be a visual pleasure, but will also be great areas to seek tranquility away from the rush and bustle of the cities. This city is a must visit destination in every way, you can also visit this beautiful state by choosing a perfect Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. Kerala has 44 significant rivers, all but three of which originate in the Western Ghats. 41 of them flow westward, while three flow eastward. Kerala’s rivers are little in terms of length, width, and water flow. The rivers flow faster, as shown by the rough terrain and the short distance between the Western Ghats and the ocean. Every one of the rivers is completely storm-protected, and many of them retreat into streams or disappear completely throughout the summer.

In this blog, we will mention few beautiful rivers of Kerala to enjoy an evening.

Paraiyar River

When planning a trip to Kerala by booking Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip, make time to visit Paraiyar and Thekkady. After all, this gorgeous river is Kerala’s longest. Take a fly to Madurai or Kochi and then drive to Thekkady. When you arrive, the peaceful emotions it generates will fill your heart with joy. Not to add that the flowing waves of the river will be a visual pleasure. When you go close to the river, you can feel the cool wind on your face. If you visit here on Shivratri, you may see the Aluva Shivratri Festival on its banks. To your understanding, this river not only provides water for drinking, but also for a variety of commercial and religious purposes.

Neyer River

Take a flight to Thiruvananthapuram, explore the Nayyar River, and organize a great picnic by the Nayyar dam. While picnicking, you may enjoy the cool breezes from the river. The wide river rushing down among wild natures capes is a sight to see. Take some photos of yourself with your family and friends with the gorgeous river and scenery in the background. You may go on a jungle safari in the Nayyar Wildlife Sanctuary for some adventure.

Manje Swaram River

A flight to Mangalore, followed by a road trip to Manje Swaram, will take you to Kerala’s smallest river. The Manje Swaram River, which runs for barely 16 kilometers, is a famous tourist destination. Its source may be found in the Balappooni hills. The remains of an old stone temple may be seen near the mouth of the Manje Swaram River. When you enter the Manje Swaram estuary, you may come across a variety of aquatic species. But wait, there’s more. A variety of unusual bird species may also be found here. So, for an eye-pleasing experience, relax on the river’s banks and engage in bird watching.

Bharathapuzha River

The Bharathapuzha or Ponmani River, which originates in the Annamalai Hills is a must visit while you are enjoying your Kerala tour package by LYT.  Because it is less busy, this river might be a perfect getaway zone when you want to spend time alone. You may spend hours resting on its banks, soaking in the cold winds and admiring the beauty. During the Karki Daka Vavu festival, people go to this river to pay their respects to their dead parents. The fact that many famous poets’ residences may be found on its banks adds to the allure of this river. In case you’re wondering, you may fly to Kozhikode and then take a taxi to Ponmani.

Manimala River

You may witness the Manimala River flowing here if you fly to Kochi to see Vembanad Lake. Although the Manimala and Pamba rivers meet in Vembanad Lake, they have separate histories and beginnings. Aside from this lake, the Manimala River flows through Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, and Kottayam districts. Come to this river to see nature’s untainted splendor. This river is ideal for wildlife photography because it is surrounded by rich jungle. You may also see the majestic Muthu Vara Hills, where this river begins.

Kabini River

The Kabini River, which originates in Wayanad, is the next important river to witness in Kerala tour package. You may also take a cab to Sargur to witness the big reservoir created by this lake. This reservoir attracts a large number of visitors. This is why. Animals such as tigers, leopards, deer, and elephants may be seen near the river. As a result, you may observe these and other animal species strolling about near the reservoir. It’s an exciting sight! You may also rent a houseboat to enjoy the wonderful beauty and splashes of this serene Kerala backwater. If you want to go, take a flight to Mysore and then take the drive to Kabini.

Valapattanam River

If you are visiting north Kerala, you should surely make a visit to Kannur’s longest river. To get to this river, go through Kannur’s rocky landscape. For you, it will be a thrilling experience. As a well-known fishing port, you may be able to observe the methods of fishing used here. You may also go fishing here if you want to. The movement of timber is another intriguing activity that you may notice along this river. Collections of timber pieces can be found floating down a river. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sight to enjoy.

Chalked River

You may visit the Chalked River from Thrissur, Palakkad, or Ernakulam, depending on where you are in Kerala. The quickest method to get to the river is to fly to Kochi. After arriving to the river, take a stroll around the boulevards or relax by the river to appreciate its picturesque beauty. While sitting, you may notice various rare and endangered fish species in the river. Nothing, however, compares to the spectacle of the Athira Pally and Vizcacha waterfalls that this river generates. It’s an enticing view; so, make a point of visiting these falls to see streams of water pouring from great heights.

These are the few beautiful rivers of Kerala, to make sure your Kerala tour package an awesome one.