Top 15 Lip-Smacking And Famous Foods In Arunachal Pradesh

Top 15 Lip-Smacking And Famous Foods In Arunachal Pradesh
Top 15 Lip-Smacking And Famous Foods In Arunachal Pradesh

Some Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh. It doesn’t say much but has a lot to offer, whether it’s nature’s beauty or rich cultural legacy. Indeed, it has risen to the top of many travelers’ lists of the most attractive sites to visit in northeast India. Another aspect of the state that adds to its allure its cuisine. When you travel to the western portions, you will notice a heavy reliance on veggies and plant-based foods. Spices are used lightly, there is no deep-frying, and rice and meat are primary foods in Arunachal Pradesh. You can simply this state by just booking the Arunachal Pradesh tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. Arunachal Pradesh’s cuisine includes dried bamboo and a variety of herbs. Let’s not waste the time and jump to the list of a few best foods in Arunachal Pradesh to eat while on a trip to this lovely state.


Rice Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

Rice is the main meal of Arunachal Pradesh and may be served as a side dish with any recipe. In addition there are two ways to prepared this rice. The Firstly is a unique and significant method in which rice is cooked in a hollow bamboo with hot coals on top for a specific flavour. Secondly way, the rice is cooked with metal utensils and then wrapped in leaves before serving for a delightful flavour.

Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Shoot Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

This popular Arunachal Pradesh dish is a must-try. In fact, this item is applied in a variety of vegetable meals. It’s also used in a variety of meat recipes. Bamboo shoots are also listed as an ingredient in several pickles and chutneys. You can choose between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices available.

Pika Pila

Pika Pila Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

So far, we’ve discussed a variety of main dishes and side dishes. We investigated the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals consumed in Arunachal Pradesh. It’s now time for some accompaniment. And pika pila is one of the better alternatives for this. It’s essentially a pickle prepared with bamboo shoots, king chilli, and pork fat. The Apatani tribe regularly consumes this pickle with their meals.


Lukter Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

Another delicacy made from meat. Thinly chopped meat is barbecued over charcoal to make lukter. Chillies are also roasted and mashed along with the meat. The meat is spread with the chilli paste after it has been cooked. The specific type of chilli used in this meal, bhut jolokia or king chilli, gives this dish its distinct flavour. This goes well with rice as well. Just a friendly reminder. Moreover The king chilli is extremely spicy. As a result, foods created with it are very spicy.


Pehak Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

It is the state’s most popular and tastiest dish. It is made from fermented Soya Beans. The fact that it is quite hot and it is just what makes it popular. Bhoot Jolokia, Assam’s strongest chilli, is used to give it a spicy flavour.


Apong Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

You’ll surely need something to drink with your unique foods in Arunachal Pradesh. In conclusion, this state provides apong. It is a kind of rice liquor. Many Indian states have their own versions of fermented rice beverages, and apong is a delightful complement to that. When it comes to the taste of apong, it is extremely light and refreshing.


Marua Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

Marua, like Apong, is a popular home-brewed alcoholic drink in Arunachal Pradesh. The important distinction is in the main ingredient of the beverage, which is millet in the case of Marua and rice in the case of Apong. A popular drink among the people of Arunachal Pradesh to enjoy on every occasion.

Chura Sabji

Chura Sabji Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

The major ingredient in this curry dish is a fermented cheese prepared from yak or cow milk. The king chilli, also known as Bhut Jolokia, is an essential part. This curry also includes some veggies. It may be an interesting experience, but you should try it. This recipe can be served as a curry with rice or as a soup.


Momos Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

Stuffed dumplings, often known as momos, are one of the most popular and regularly enjoyed foods in the Northeast. Momos are often loaded with various vegetables like cabbage and carrot in their vegetarian variants and chicken or mutton in their non-vegetarian variants. The fish momos are amazing, and if you want to experience the true momo flavour, this wonderful meal is a must-try in Arunachal Pradesh.

Dung Po

Dung Po Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

It is really wonderful steamed rice. The villagers prepare it in metal utensils. The rice is wrapped in leaves to keep it safe from spreading. They put one vessel on top of another, one with boiling hot water and the other with rice. The perfume of the leaves will make you hungry, and you won’t be able to wait till mealtime.

Nou Kai Noo Som

Nou Kai Noo Som Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

It’s a delicious dish made with chicken and bamboo shoots. Tribes prepare it with spice-marinated chicken stew. People in the hills prefer it cooked with a mixture of spices or just with salt. It’s simple yet delicious. Meat or pork can be used instead of chicken. Fish is not a good option in the region.

Laksa Stock

Laksa Stock Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

It is just a kind of creative dish. It can be made with noodles, coconut milk, and whatever else you choose. If you’re a vegetarian, you can use paneer, shredded cheese, and other vegetables instead. Non-vegetarian foods include chicken, prawns, and eggs. Make it as colourful as you want it to be.


Ngatok Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

This is Famous Foods In Arunachal Pradesh. It’s a traditional meal that they always prepare in the traditional system. The fish is wrapped in leaves and roasted on a hot stone. The fish is marinated with all of the spices and herbs. It tastes great with Dung Po or Apong.

Wungwut Ngam

Wungwut Ngam Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

This is a chicken and rice meal that is definitely non-vegetarian. In a single brass pot by cooking spicy chicken. It is made in a brass vessel since the residents feel that meals prepared in brass taste better. Fry the rice in a pan without any oil until it is light brown in colour. The rice is then ground into powder using a blender. Cooked chicken should be placed on top of the powdered rice. It’s delicious as a snack or rice cake.

Koat Pitha

Koat Pitha Famous Foods in Arunachal Pradesh

It’s always good to finish a meal with something sweet. As a result, we chose to conclude our list of the famous foods in Arunachal Pradesh with dessert. Among the various wonderful sweets consumed in the state, we recommend koat pitha. This food described as sweet and cosy. To produce a thick batter, combine rice flour, banana, jaggery, oil, and water. When batter is then formed into little balls, and deep-fried in mustard oil. Serve it with any kind of soup, and enjoy your meal. Are you excited now to taste the amazing foods of Arunachal Pradesh? If yes, just visit Lock Your Trip and book the Arunachal Pradesh tour package for the best experience and a comfortable holiday with some awesome cuisines.

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