Top 5 Water Parks in Kerala to Beat Summer In 2022

Water Parks in Kerala

The water park in Kerala provides guests with a wonderful fun-filled time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These exciting places not only suit your needs, but they also give tourists from all over the country much-needed rest, respite, and delight. Sadooh Merry Kingdom is one of the most popular water parks, featuring international grade swimming pools, showers, and exciting attractions. Flora Fantasia Amusement Park is another prominent water theme park in Kerala, with thrilling water slides, pools, and splash rides for a memorable trip. In this blog, we will list some of the best water parks of Kerala.

Dream World Water Theme Park is one of Kerala’s most contemporary and sophisticated parks, with a variety of attractions. During the summer, water parks in Kerala are a popular destination for tourists. If you want to visit any of these water parks, just book your preferred Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. These are quite calming and have the ability to boost your mind and spirit anytime you visit one. The intense heat of summer is softened by the cool water found in water parks and the gorgeous surroundings, making it a tourists’ paradise. In this blog, we will list some of the best water parks of Kerala.

Sadooh Merry Kingdom Amusement Park

Sadooh Merry Kingdom Water and Amusement Park is located near Kannur’s Chala Hills. It is one of Kerala’s most impressive water parks, featuring approximately 25 rides, water slides, and thrilling rides.

Thrill Rides, Hill Side Train, Family Rides, Butterfly, Family Pool, revolving Tower, Hanging Bridge, Helicopter, Wave Pool, Giant Dinosaur, Spinning Rainbow, Flying Cars, Multi-Slide, Columbus, Dashing Car, Water Show, Jet Slide, Net Walk, Wonder Show, Kids Pools, and more are among their exciting attractions. In addition, there are a variety of additional amenities such as restaurants, pool parties, interesting shopping stations, and video gaming centers. All of these attractions make it an ideal spot to come with your family and friends throughout the summers, when you can enjoy the water pools and thrilling rides to fight the heat and tiring days of summer.

Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

Flora Fantasia Amusement Park in Venged, Malappuram, is among Kerala’s leading organizations when it comes to water theme parks. It provides guests with a complete experience. This venue will never bore you with its low prices and pleasures such as water slides, pools, and splash rides. Summer holidays are done right at this Kerala Water Park, and there is always a fresh way to cool down, book Kerala tour package for an amazing visit to this pocket friendly amusement and water park.

This water and amusement park has a wide variety of dry rides and water rides. Making it a pleasant destination to visit. Vortex, Striking Car, Bull Ride, Horror House, Rainbow, Kangaroo. Kids Park, Soft Play, Giant Wheel, Kids Park, 4D Theater, Free Fall, and others are among the dry rides.

Water rides include the Wave Pool, Family Pool, Kids Swimming Pool, Rain Dance. Multi-Purpose Water Play, Multiline, Landing Pool, Tornado, Tsunami Ride, Typhoon Tunnel and more.

Dream World Water Theme Park

For years, visitors have been drawn to Thrissur’s water theme parks by the breathtaking beauty of the Athirappilly. Waterfalls and the gorgeous panorama of Vazhachal. The Dream World Water Park in Kerala, a modern, sophisticated. And one of Kerala’s best water parks, adds to the attractiveness of such attractions. The closeness of the water park to the beautiful Athirappilly waterfalls benefits both customers and the water park. Dream World is without a doubt Kerala’s top water theme park for families and friends in Kerala tour package.

Wave Pool, Crazy Cruise, Dream Splash, Rain Dance, Space Bowl, Mat Racer, Stormy River and more water rides are available. There are also several amusement rides here, such as the Striking Car. Revolving Barrel, Flying Columbus, Dragon Train, Cater Pillar, Sky Train and others.

Apart from these water and amusement attractions, there are various additional amenities accessible. Such as free staff and school student housing, washroom facilities, restaurant, meeting and conference halls, flat screens, and more.

Happy land Water Theme & Amusement Park

Happy Land, located in Vembayam in the Thiruvananthapuram district, is another of Kerala’s top amusement parks and water parks. The exhilarating coasters will captivate all customers, and the water park is also worth a visit. The Happy land water theme park in Kerala is encircled by lovely vegetation that is peaceful to guests in the summer. Since it is an eco-friendly park with countless trees, rocks, hills, and waterfalls.

Family Pool, Water Falls, Wave Pool, Multi- Lane. Mini Kuttalam, Pendulum, Crazy Cruise, Pushpak, Aqua Trail, and more rides are present in the water world. Flying Fox, Break Dance, Vortex, Gyroscope, Bull Ride, Dashing Car, Pigeon Ride, Columbus and other thrill attractions are available.

The Kids World also has a variety of rides such as the Butterfly. Boomerang, Dragon Fly, Shoe Slide, Helicopter, Jumping Frog, Basket Ball and others.

Other amenities include a café, a dressing room, Curio Corner, lockers, a parking lot and more. The relaxing and spectacular surroundings enhance the entertainment value of this water park. Making it a popular destination for family and friends.

Silver Storm Water Theme Park

Silver Storm Water Park in Kerala is the place to go. If you like to have fun enjoying water activities, roller coasters, splash pools, pools, water dancing and other pleasant activities for your family. The fun activities of Silver Storm’s water theme park in Kerala are world-class, and they entertain visitors of all ages.

The Silver Storm Water Theme Park, which combines modern man-made marvels with natural beauties. A fantastic spot to spend a day of pleasure.

Swing Chair, Tea Cup, Slam bob, Flying Dutchman, Striking Car, Pirate Ship and other exciting dry rides are available. There are several water rides in this water and amusement park. Including Turbo Twister, Hara-kiri, Jurassic Splash, Wave Pool, Master Blaster, Kids Pool, and others. A restaurant, food court, swimming wear, campfire, restroom, locker room, conference hall, changing room, first aid. And other facilities are also available.

Prepare to spend your vacations in Kerala at one of these fun water parks. Where you can beat the heat like a pro while creating lifetime memories with your friends and family. With Lock Your Trip, you can book your preferred Kerala tour package.