List of Most Famous 15 Waterfalls in Goa to Visit

15 famous Waterfalls in goa to visit min

Palm-fringed coastlines and the lively nightlife of Goa jump to mind when people think of the state. Shores and glitzy nightlife is beautiful, however, Goa also offers some undiscovered beauties. Are you curious as to what these enigmas are? Waterfalls! The true adventurers will eventually find their way towards nature’s offering — Famous waterfalls in Goa. These flowing waterfalls that adorn Goa’s scenery are typically at the top of everybody’s to-do list. The Amazing waterfalls in north Goa, which are situated in the Ghats, can instantly rejuvenate your soul.

Breath-taking waterfalls are the ideal destination for an intimate retreat or a pleasant family outing. Once you explore these magnificent and Best waterfalls in north Goa, the tranquilly, adventure, plus thrill will magically disappear all your problems and revitalise your spirit. It’s the ideal way to unwind and get soaked up in the alpine ambience on a day trip or long weekend getaway. The sound of bubbling water with birds singing is also an excellent method to unwind and relieve the stresses of life.

Even though there are other Popular waterfalls in Goa, well here’s a comprehensive list of the fifteen Best waterfalls in Goa which you should see. Continue reading!

01. Dudhsagar Fall

The Dudhsagar Fall is a must-see on a trip to Goa since it is a sight to see. The name Dudhsagar means “sea of milk.” Is not the title intriguing? This Famous waterfall in Goa is the portion of the Mandovi River, & it also has a total of five drops. It is among the country’s biggest waterfalls, with only an approximate height of 100 metres. Schedule your goa packages for family during the rainy or post rainy seasons to fully appreciate the strange splendour of this iconic waterfall in Goa. Purchase a train ticket to DudhSagar, hike to the Amazing waterfalls in Goa, and marvel at the glistening cascades.

02. Netravali Waterfall

The overwhelming beauty of Netravali Famous waterfalls in Goa makes it an ideal location for a family barbecue or a meeting with a loved one. This fall, also called Savari Falls, is located between Netravali & Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. But that isn’t all! The main appeal of these waterfalls in Goa is indeed the scenic hike to the waterfall via natural environment. If you’re exhausted from the hike, simply rest in the pool area while taking in the tranquilly and infinite vegetation.

03. Harvalem waterfall

The Harvalem is a wonderful sight, so prepare to be astonished. Mostly during rains, these waterfalls roar downhill from a height of 50 metres. As a result, the rain is an excellent time to explore this location. However, if you’d like to view Harvalem waterfall at its best, autumn is the ideal time to visit. One visit to these amazing waterfalls in north goa would persuade you that this is one of the most beautiful falls in Goa. The neighbouring parks and observation area will provide you with a spectacular view of the fall foliage. You may also go swimming or relax for hours admiring the beauties of this location. What else do you want for a fully unwinding experience?

04. Hivre Waterfall

This Famous waterfalls in Goa are well-known in the neighbourhood. Whereas the falls’ heavenly splendour will entice nature admirers, it is perfect for enthusiastic trekkers. The journey to the summit will be dreamlike, with wide highways and beautiful scenery. It takes approximately 35 to 45 mins to complete the ascent. It is among the most popular tourist falls near Goa, thanks to the glistening water pouring over the rocks as well as the breathtaking vistas.

05. Twin waterfall

Yeah, you read that right! A pair of Popular waterfalls in Goa. What kind of person wouldn’t want to witness this? Borim waterfalls often referred to as the ‘Twin Waterfalls,’ is one of the Beautiful waterfalls in north Goa. The magnificent sight of twin waterfalls flowing down the rock beside each other will leave a lasting impression. This location, just 4 kilometres from Ponda City, is ideal for a quiet weekend vacation. As during monsoon rains, this waterfall is at its most fascinating and spectacular. But now you understand when to organize your vacation to the Twin Waterfalls!

06. Mainapi Waterfall

The Mainapi Waterfall, situated in Netravali Wildlife Reserve, is another magnificent fall. Just on a 4.85-kilometre journey to Goa, the trekker in you should take a deep breath. One will be captivated by the scenery as soon as one gets to the waterfalls. It is without a doubt the Best waterfalls in north Goa, attracting hundreds of visitors each day. This waterfall, along with some excellent company, has all you need to rest and revitalise in the natural surroundings.

07. Bamanbudo waterfall

The Bamanbudo Popular waterfalls in Goa, a pleasure to the generosity of spirit, is one of Goa’s most popular attractions. It’s a cascade, but it’ll seem like you’re sliding down a water ride! This is due to the waterfall’s short depth at the finish, which gives the impression it is a water slide. Apart from experiencing the mirage, you may also perform water activities, bathe, or simply sit here on cliffs and gaze at the environment. What a fantastic way to spend a night! You will not only have a great evening, but you’ll also have perfect photographs.

08. Charavane waterfall

With its thick woodlands and rich foliage, this hidden treasure will steal your mind off the pain. A 1.5-kilometre hike is required to reach these well-known Famous waterfalls in Goa. As a result, you will have an exciting excursion while also seeing the waterfall. This viewing area near the fall is ideal for unwinding after a hiking goa tour packages for a week and taking in the sparkling cascade, as well as the chattering of birds as well as the fresh breeze. It doesn’t get much better than this!

09. Kuske waterfall

The Kuske cascade is a must-see for anybody visiting Southern Goa. There are several reasons why this is considered one of the Amazing waterfalls in Goa. So early as you approach Kuske town, you will be struck by the beauty of these popular waterfalls in Goa. The lush tropics, as well as the beauty of the cascade, will take your breath away. The splendour of the Kuske waterfall is enhanced by the presence of the monsoon, making it among the most peaceful waterfalls in north Goa. Even though it isn’t one of the beautiful waterfalls in north Goa, yet stays a popular tourist destination.

10. Kalsa waterfall

Do you enjoy going on adventures? Then put Kalsa waterfall – the famous waterfalls in Goa on your bucket list. For reaching the waterfall plus seeing its peacefulness, you will have to travel through deep forests plus rivers. Therefore, if you’re looking for the most stunning waterfalls in north Goa, make it a point of stopping at the lovely Kalsa waterfall.

11. TambadiSurla Waterfall

TambadiSurla Waterfalls run in Surla and are among the Famous waterfalls in Goa. These waterfalls are surrounded by thick trees, giving them a magical allure. A historic shrine at the bottom of one of the best waterfalls in north Goa is a landmark of the area.

12. Anashi Waterfall, Karwar

Anashi Waterfall, in Anshi Town, is a wonderful destination and an Amazing waterfall in north Goa for adventure lovers. The lovely fall is nestled in a deep forest along with SH 34 and makes for a great pit break for visitors or workers going through. Many animals and birds thrive in the green region around the body of water, which may be seen when visiting the site.

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13. Nangarta Falls, Amboli

The Nangarta Falls are 40-foot-high Popular waterfalls in Goa that cascades into a small canyon. It’s 10 kilometres to Amboli, right off the major road. During the rainy season, the river falls create a roar that is difficult to ignore.

14. Moulangi Falls, Dandeli

Moulangi Falls, created by the Moulangi River, is a popular and the Best waterfall in north Goa approximately 96 kilometres from Goa. It is among the few places in the vicinity of the town that promotes adventurous and leisure activities such as kayak, boat, and whitewater kayaking. Visitors go to the Moulangi Falls and for natural jacuzzi, which is among the most popular pastimes.

15. Magod Falls, Dandel

The Magod Falls, a collection of beautiful and famous waterfalls in Goa, is produced over through the Bedti at quite a range of 167 kilometres from Goa. From just a height of around 200 m, it flows down into the beautiful valley. The destination is regarded as the amazing waterfalls in north Goa heaven for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.