8 Famous & Best Places to Eat in Kochi for Foodies

8 Famous Best places to eat in Kochi For Foodies

Traveling involves more than just admiring a location’s beauty and taking photographs of every structure you see. Famous & best places in Kochi for Food lovers plays a vital role in the whole vacation experience. South Indian food is well-known around the world and has a large fan base in India.

In Kerala, people prepare delicacies such as Appam with stew, Palada Payasam, Kerala prawn curry, Thalasseri biriyani, and others. These might provide the proper genuine flavor to your Kerala trip if eaten at the top eateries in Kerala.

As a foodie, it’s difficult to pass up the opportunity to sample these delicious treats. So, check out our fantastic Kerala Tour Packages and jump from one Famous & best places in Kochi to the next. Lock your trip offers many packages for every kind of travelers.

Fort House Restaurant

The state is rich in seafood due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea’s beaches. If you want seafood, go to Fort House Hotel, which mixes Christian cuisine with Kerala’s spices and flavors to create fusion cuisine. It’s brand new and delicious. The fine dining establishment understands how to strike the perfect mix of flavors. Seafood, Roast Chicken, Aubertine Curry and Mango Curry are all must-tries at this restaurant.

Address: No.2, 6A, Calva Thy Rd, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Sky Grill Lounge Bar and Restaurant

Sky Grill Lounge Bar and Restaurant is one of Kerala’s most popular and well-known restaurants, with a rooftop location that appeals to those looking for a superb outdoor eating experience. One can visit this ideal place in Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip (LYT). The lounge bar is a terrific spot for a night out, whether you’re sipping icy drinks with your friends or letting the cooks Ravinder and Gaurav surprise you with their wonderful range of food. The restaurant offers a highly modern atmosphere that promises to be a fantastic evening. Try the grilled fish, kebabs, pork ribs, and the beautiful drinks created at the bar of the restaurant. 

Address: Crowne Plaza Kochi, Kunda Noor Junction, Maraud, Marad, Kochi

Kashi Art Café

The busy metropolis of Kochi may be overwhelming at times. When you visit the Kashi Art Cafe, though, you can always locate your peaceful zone. Kashi Art Cafe is a terrific spot to visit in Kochi since it combines an art gallery with a residential space for artists. Café is ideal for an art fan seeking inspiration or simply wanting to be alone. The café offers an all-day breakfast, as well as sandwiches, milkshakes, thick soups, brewed coffee, and tea, to mention a few. The café also offers a delicious selection of baked products, such as cakes and pies. Don’t miss out on their sweets and delicious dishes, particularly the French toast.

Address: Burger St, near Police Station, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Pepper House Café

The rebuilt Pepper House, formerly a dilapidated Godown, is now a well-known art center. The Kochi Mazaris Biennale used it as one of its key sites. In Kerala, the café is one of the greatest you’ll discover. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in the evening or a light breakfast, this is the place to go. You may expect to meet with an academic population here because the venue hosts several art shows. When you add in the great quaint environment and the charm that an ancient building emits, your stay here will be one to remember. Pepper House Cafe, with its largely European fare, is a refreshing departure from the typical Malayali cuisine if you become bored of it during your Kerala tour package.

Address: 11/10 A&B, Calvathy Rd, Near Hotel Seagull, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682002

Asian Kitchen

If you’ve already had enough of real Malabari and Kerala food, try experimenting with various flavors. The Asian Kitchen is one of Kochi’s greatest restaurants, with a fantastic selection of Asian food. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Asian cuisines are available. You’ll have a nice time here because the cuisine is diverse. You can pick between vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. Try the restaurant’s dim sum and mouthwatering sushi while you’re there. These foods’ perfect taste creates a flavor that you’ll like. Also, don’t miss out on their chicken skewer. It’s a great spot to enjoy the pan Asian food.

Address: Cochin Club, Opposite Parade Ground, St. Francis Church Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

The Rice Boat Vivanta

Do you want to eat at an expensive restaurant in Kochi? Famous & best places Kochi includes Vivanta’s rice boat, which serves the tastiest seafood. The rice boat, also known as a Kett Valam, is one of Kochi’s greatest restaurants. Taste the finest of Malabari spices mixed with a variety of fish, served on a banana leaf if desired. You’d like the rustic ambiance of the boat, which overlooks the lovely waterfront. You can even make it a romantic date by ordering their greatest delicacies like lobster bisque, crepe suzette, prawns in coconut oil, and crab au gratin. The lingering flavor of the spices and the perfectly cooked fish will leave you wanting more.

Address: Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Cochin, Willingdon Island, Kochi, Kerala 682009

Dal Roti

Traditional South Indian cuisine are popular in Kochi, but why not mix it up with some North Indian meal? Ramesh Menon’s Dal Roti will provide you the most delicious North Indian meals and also includes in famous and best places to eat in Kochi for foodies. It is a one-stop shop for North Indian food and is regarded as one of the greatest restaurants in Kochi. With the seductive fragrance of Malabari spices wonderfully combined with the Kathi rolls and chole puris, you can be confident that the North Indian food is as real as it gets in South India. 

Address: Lilly Street, Elphinstone Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Arca Nova Restaurant

Do you like your dinner reservation to have a nice sea view vibe? Arca Nova Restaurant in Kochi is one of the greatest places to eat. The restaurant in Kochi, which is next to the family-run Fort House Hotel and specializes in Kerala Latin – Christian cuisine, brings some of the most mouth-watering meals to your table. When you visit this restaurant, seafood is a given, so make sure you try their greatest dishes. When it comes to delicious dishes to sample at Arca Nova Restaurant, tuna pepper with appams comes immediately to mind.

Address: No.2, 6A Calva Thy Road, Fort Kochi, Kerala, 682001, India

Savoury the wonderful layers of cardamom, turmeric, pepper, ginger and other diverse spices used in Kerala cuisine and let your flavor senses dwell with all of these excellent locations in above mentioned list of Famous & best places in Kochi for food lovers. Travel to Kerala with Lock Your Trip, by selecting the best-suited Kerala tour package for you and you can also customize it to your preferences.

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