Explore The Wild Side Of Kashmir By Visiting Its National Parks

The lovely valley of Jammu & Kashmir in northern India is defined by towering snow-capped himalayas, flower-strewn grasslands, shimmering rivers, and boundless nature’s richness, to name a few things. This corner of paradise, with its dense habitat of primarily chirpine and coniferous trees, is home to a variety of endangered and rare flora and fauna. You must visit some of the lovely Explore The Wild Side Of Kashmir By Visiting Its National Parksif you want to appreciate all of this. Make sure you have ample free time on your Kashmir family package to explore these natural reserves to your heart’s content.

A visit to these parks will allow you to get up and personal with nature and wildlife while also giving you a deeper understanding of them. So, the next time you’re in Kashmir, go beyond the Shikara rides in the Dal Lake and explore the uncharted territory. A day or two spent in these gorgeous surroundings is enough to show you why Kashmir is truly a paradise not only for us humans but for the animals too.

Lock Your Trip (LYT) has various Kashmir family packages which will take you and your loved one to all the popular destinations in the newly formed union territory. However, right now we have got the list of the wildest Explore The Wild Side Of Kashmir By Visiting Its National Parks.

Here is the list of the most mesmerising national parks in Kashmir.

1) Dachigam National Park

The Dachigam National Park is roughly 22 kilometres from Srinagar. It is titled after the ten towns which had to be evacuated in order to build this park. It was first designated as a protected area in 1910, and then as a national park in 1981. The park, which is located in the Himalayas, contains both rocks and high mountains. Various species such as the leopard, musk deer, Himalayan Black Bear, jackal, and many other rare animals such as the hill fox can be found here.

Thousands of migrating birds, as well as attractive birds like the black bulbul and the cinnamon sparrow woodpecker, call the park home. The Hangul, the state animal, lives in the National Park, which is quite distinctive.

2) Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park, located in Ladakh, is a high-altitude national park. The park is recognize for hosting the world’s largest population of snow leopards. The park, which includes parts of the Zanskar range and the Indus river, is also recognize as the country’s largest national park. Aside from the snow leopard, the park is home to various Tibetan Gompas and the world-famous Hemis Monastery, which is almost 400 years old.

Explore The Wild Side Of Kashmir By Visiting Its National Parks Tibetan wolf, Red fox, and the threatene to extinction Eurasian brown bear can all be find in the park. Bird viewing is also a common pastime in this area. From mid-June to mid-October, the park offers a variety of trekking options. Snow leopards are only see in the late winter months. A summer vacation in the high mountains spent in traditional homestays and monasteries proved to be a fantastic way to spend the summer.

3) Kazinag National Park

Part of Pakistan’s concept for a trans-Karakoram peace park. Kazinag National Park is remarkable in that it is home to around 17 different kinds of butterflies all of. Which are rare and endangered. Another rapidly diminishing mammal, the Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal, can also be find here Kashmir family package.

Other creatures found in the park include musk deer, brown bears, and snow leopards. Limber Wildlife Sanctuary has a guest lodge where visitors can stay. Some thrill seekers choose to sleep in tents or sleeping bags that can be rent. Because the winters are extremely cold, the best time to visit is from May to September.

4) Kishtwar National Park

Located along the southern banks of the Rinnay river in the Kishtwar district of Kashmir. This is one of the most beautiful Explore The Wild Side Of Kashmir By Visiting Its National Parks. It was designat as a national park in 1981. Apart from being home to around 15 species, Kishtwar National Park is well-known for being the migration. Route for the Hangul, a Kashmiri Stag, from Dachigam National Park in Kashmir family package.

During the migratory season, a large number of birds visit the park and dwell in the beautiful mountain ranges. Trekking and camping are among the adventure sports and activities available in the area.

5) Salim Ali National Park

Salim Ali National Park Is situate in Srinagar and covers a total area of 9 square kilometres. Salim Ali, a well-know Indian ornithologist, was honoure with the name. This park was later transform into a golf course. The Hangul, Himalayan serow, and Himalayan black bear all lived there. It also has about 70 different bird species. It is one of India’s top bird sanctuaries. And people come to the area because it is centrally located in the state.

For bird and animal enthusiasts who would like to witness these gorgeous species in their natural habitat, Jammu & Kashmir is heaven on earth. The state tourism department does an excellent job of promoting and maintaining the industry. So visitors can explore these high-altitude places with maximum support and assistance. Jammu and Kashmir is a stunningly gorgeous region just begging to be explor. With this we have arrived at the end of the list. Make a mental note of all the national parks in Kashmir you would want to visit on your Kashmir family package.

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