Most Popular Festivals Of Kerala “God’s Own Country”


Most Popular Festivals Of Kerala is home to the many traditional celebrations that take place all year. These events feature a vast range of areas and populations. The whole state comes together to honor these historic events, and the entire area is lighted. There are large rallies and massive displays on the street, and crowds swarm to soak in the grandeur and magnificence. Families from all around the world gather for these celebrations, and massive meals are prepared. Festivals are among the greatest occasions to visit the state since they capture the essence of what it means to be a Keralite. You can also enjoy festivals of Kerala by just booking Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip.


Onam is a national festival in Kerala that remembers the birth of King Mahabali. This event takes place in the months of (August to September) and has an interesting history. So, based on what I’ve heard, the story continues as follows. Mahabali was a lovely ruler who loved his people, and his dictatorship was the best anybody had ever seen, with no pain or sadness. This upset the Devas since their attractiveness began to crumble, and they found a follower in Lord Vishnu, who took the form of a dwarf and fooled Mahabali into giving him (3 foot of land).

When Mahabali agreed, Lord Vishnu gave him a kind look and then took a massive step that covered the entire earth, followed by another large step that covered the entire sky, and for the last move, Mahabali utilized his head. Because of his religious discipline, Lord Vishnu granted Mahabali permission to visit his people once a year before sending him to Pathalam. This specific day is known as Onam.

Kerala Boat Race

Not only does the state have a beautiful coastline, but it also includes the famed Kerala Backwaters. The backwaters of Kerala flow through the state, supplied by lakes, rivers, and the Arabian Sea. As a result of their proximity, new games and festivals have developed. Kerala Boat Festival is a perfect example of teamwork. There are various sizes of boats that are carried forward by numerous people at the same time. Not only at the race’s sight, but also far beyond the race’s venues, you can observe the people’s excitement to attend and cheer. This is a must visit in Kerala tour package.

Champakulam Moolam, Nehru Trophy Boat Race at Alleppey, Uthrattadi Vallom Kali Boat Race, and Payippad Jalotsavam are some of the most well-known boat races in Kerala. 


There isn’t much to say about Vishu, but it is Kerala’s second most important festival, marking the start of the new year on the 14th, 15th, or 16th of April. This day defines how the Malayalis will spend the rest of the year.


Thrissur Pooram

The Thrissur Pooram, Kerala’s largest and most know Pooram, is celebrate every year in April – May at the Vadukkannathan Swamy temple. According to the Malayalam calendar, this annual Hindu temple festival of Kerala takes place for a week in the month of Medam. It began during the time of Raja Ravi Varma, Maharaja of Cochin and usually recognized as Sakthan Thampuran. A fusion of ten temples organized as two groups, Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu.  Thrissur Pooram is a must-see festival since it is one of the largest religious celebration in Asia.

Theyyam Festival

Theyyam is a type of worship performe mostly in Kerala’s North Malabar, Kudagu, and Kolathunadu districts. This is cultural dance with about 400 types, in which a person masks himself as a god and dances on a stone platform. The person who performs the dance is decorate with a variety of folk art. The dancing performer goes through three phases. One is deck with flowers, colors, masks, and so on. The second is self-torture, and the third is the ability to do the dance without breaking rhythm.

Makaravilakku at Sabarimala Festival

Makaravilaku is a seven-day celebration in Sabarimala on every 14th January. Lord Ayyappa, also known as Hari Hara Putra, is worship in the temple. Hari refers to Vishnu, Hara to Shiv, and Putra to son. Lord Ayyappa brings together followers of Lord Shiv and Lord Vishnu. A priest performs a dance while wearing a box containing god’s jewels on his head. There are mantras that are perform to establish holiness in the aura and spirit. The celebration concludes with the Guruthi ceremony, which is an offering to the God. Everyone leaves the temple after Guruthi, and no one stays back Most Popular Festivals Of Kerala.

Adoor Gajamela

Everything is in the name and as the name suggests, Gaja represents elephant in Sanskrit, while mela means fair. Kerala is know for its elephants, therefore if you attend any of the temple festivals, you will surely see elephants. Adoor Gajamela is a ten-day celebration host in the Lord Krishna-dedicated Parthasarathy Temple Most Popular Festivals Of Kerala.


This event is mainly celebrate in the months of December and January. This festival is entirely dedicate to Lord Shiva. And it is call that this day is ideal and extremely lucky for worshipping Lord Shiva. All Lord Shiva worshippers make their way to the temple to seek the Lord’s blessings.

Attukaal Pongal

The Guinness Book of World Records has named this event the largest women’s gathering in the world to celebrate an event. This is the ideal time to enjoy the month of February. Females will be dress traditionally and will wear antique jewellery. The delicacy is prepare using basic tools in an open-air field near the holy site. Go and book the Kerala tour package to witness this great festival of Kerala.

Kodungallor Bharani

The annual celebration at the Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple in Kodungalloor is well-known throughout Kerala. It is a beautiful occasion for anyone who has the chance to witness it. The passion of the devotees as they dance along with the prophets in spiritual pleasure is an extremely mesmerizing sight, and it takes place every year from March to April.

Most Popular Festivals Of Kerala offers everything for you. The state not only offers the above-mentioned famous festivals to travelers for a wonderful journey, but also welcomes them with open arms to its picturesque hill stations, quiet beaches, backwaters, vibrant culture, and green Kerala wildlife tour packages sanctuaries that Kerala refers to as God’s Own Country. Book Kerala tour packages and immerse yourself in nature, capturing a variety of memorable moments.