A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Rajasthan


Rajasthan, according to many, is like entering a movie set. In fact, it resembles entering a sizable movie set, complete with a wide variety of themes, actors, props, and conversation. The contrast between elaborate Mughal palaces and deserted areas is initially strange. As per the travel guide to Rajasthan, ancient pink forts next to modern, luxurious trains, camel trains, and more, make it a fascinating tourist destination. As a result, it features moments of humor, drama, art house, and adventure all in one day. Up until the credits roll, you will gaze in astonishment at the temples and multicolored cities, lively markets, well-dressed people, feasts, and festivities. Because of the well-established communication network, travel lovers may take advantage of Rajasthan tour packages and fulfill all of their desires to observe, experience, and live alongside Rajasthan’s regal splendors and marvels.

Combining multiple worlds, Rajasthan genuinely provides travelers with an amazing or lifelong experience. This travel guide to Rajasthan by LYT is brimming with suggestions, advice, and everything you need to know to plan an organized trip to Rajasthan.

Places To Visit In Rajasthan

Almost every single tourist attraction in Rajasthan has historical value. According to the travel guide to Rajasthan, it has a variety of attractive tourist destinations, including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, Ranthambore, and Chittorgarh, to fulfill any traveler’s wanderlust. Every city in Rajasthan is one of the top places to visit Rajasthan with some value in ancient history. We’ve mentioned below a few best places to visit in Rajasthan.


Jaipur, India’s Pink City, and a winter wonderland, is an ideal spot for a wonderful vacation. Among the brilliant, gorgeous, and spectacular buildings in Jaipur are the Amer Fort, the Hawa Mahal, and the Jantar Mantar. This amazing city is the mirror that displays the rich Rajasthani culture, as well as the greatest restaurants providing amazing and wonderful original Rajasthani cuisines.


Udaipur is also considered “Venice of the East,” and it is one of India’s most attractive tourist destinations due to its love for visitors. If you visit Udaipur, make sure to take a boat ride on Lakes Pichola and Fateh Sagar. Spend time with your soul mate in Ambrai Ghat, and then go on a historical walking tour of the nearby area.


Ajmer is sometimes referred to as one of the best tourist places to visit in Rajasthan; this city has experienced the full power of Mughal authority. You may see the wonderful Mughal architecture created in a religious environment here. Because of the Golden Jain Temple, Ajmer is also one of the most well-known religious tourism destinations in Rajasthan for Jains. It is famed for the Shrine of Saint Muin-ud-din Chishti known as Dargah Sharif, which is surrounded by mountains and the Aravali hills.


The city of Chittorgarh, which was ruled by valiant kings, is situated along the banks of the rivers Berach and Gambini. The Chittorgarh fort is one of this city’s most iconic structures. Some of the greatest and most brave kings of Chittor resided in this fort. Some of the important historical sites in Chittorgarh include the Vijay Stambh, the Kirti Stambh, Rani Padmini’s Palace, and Fateh Prakash Palace.


Visiting Jaisalmer is a royal experience with its many golden hills, palaces wrapped in gilded sandstone, and small vibrant streets around the Jaisalmer Fort. It once stood great and powerful, protecting its residents from all attacks. Jaisalmer is now recognized as one of the greatest tourist destinations in Rajasthan.


Jodhpur is very well-known for its Mehrangarh fort, blue buildings, temples, and sweets. It is also known as the – Blue City. Jodhpur is the historic capital of Marwar and also it is one of the greatest destinations to visit in Rajasthan, with its massive Mehrangarh fort overlooking the city. Because of its blue walls and blue buildings, the city seems totally blue from the fort. Every year, thousands of travelers from all around the country and the world visit Jodhpur. Best Travel Guide to Rajasthan from LYT.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill town in the entire Thar Desert, is a queen of beauty! It is the ideal getaway to create happy memories while having an affair with the magnificent mountains, gushing waterfalls, picturesque lakes, and evergreen thickets, which are nestled among the alluring Aravalli Ranges.

Savor The Rich Cuisines of Rajasthan

Rajasthani cuisine is a fine treat for which the tourists travel even thousands of miles, from the state’s signature dish, Dal Bati Churma. The well-known street snack is Mirchi Ke Pakore, from the liberal use of spice and ghee to the prominent use of the variety of lentils and legumes. There is a variety of bread, such as Batis, Missi roti, and Jowar, Bajra, and Makke ki roti. Incredibly delicious curries, such as Gatte ki Sabzi, Papad ki Sabzi, and Kadhi Pakora.

Some of the most delectable delicacies and sides are like Moong Dal and Pyaaz ki Kachori, Bikaneri Bhujia, Bajre ka khichda, Kher Sangri, and Lehsun ki Chutney, as well as the wind-down digestion Butter Milk. Not to mention the delicious treats like Gond ke Laddoo, Churma, Lapsi, Malpua, Ghewar, and Alwar ka Mawa.

The inclusion of specialties like Laal Maas, Jungle Maas, Khad Khargosh, and Safed Maas, which in a way complete the menu despite the region’s predominately vegetarian diet, shows the Rajputs’ influence on the cuisine’s non-vegetarian eating habits.

Best Time To Plan For The Rajasthan Trip 


Winter is the finest and most perfect time to visit Rajasthan since the temperature is at its lowest. The weather is pleasant for sightseeing throughout the day, while the evenings are typically cold. Winter is the finest and ideal time for a holiday in Rajasthan if you want to tour the desert districts like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Bikaner.


Because the Thar Desert covers almost 60% of Rajasthan, the temperature will definitely be hot and humid. During the mid-year months, the temperature may reach up to 48 degrees Celsius during the day, yet the majesty of the beautiful Thar Desert shining under sunbeams is appealing. If tourists want to visit Rajasthan during the summer, they can plan a journey to Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh, or Ranakpur. The weather in these parts of Rajasthan is warm enough to travel on a sightseeing adventure.


The monsoon season in Rajasthan is a wonderful time to visit because it is cooler than summer. During the monsoon, the beautiful landscapes shift quickly, as if the desert is being moved magically. If you’re planning a trip during the monsoon season, Jaipur and Udaipur are the must-see destinations in Rajasthan.

How To Reach Rajasthan 

By Air:

Flight is the ideal mode of travel to Rajasthan if you don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling. The Jaipur International Airport serves as Rajasthan’s primary airport. In addition to this, Udaipur and Jodhpur also have two additional airports. Additionally, Rajasthan has a variety of domestic airports from where you may simply board flights from one city to another. The list of domestic airports in Rajasthan also includes:

Phalodi Air Force Station, Suratgarh Air Force Station, Kota Airport, Jaisalmer Airport, Nal Airport (Bikaner Airport), and Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur.

By Train:

The major stations in Rajasthan are located at Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Ajmer. Rajasthan is well-connected by train. Apart from Jaipur, which is Rajasthan’s busiest railway station, some of the popular railway stations in Rajasthan are:

  • Ajmer Jn (AII)
  • Udaipur City (UDZ)
  • Bikaner, and
  • Jodhpur Jn (JU)

The Shatabdi and Rajdhani express passenger trains are two of the most well-known and important trains in Rajasthan.

By Road:

There are 20 national highways in Rajasthan, making it easy to travel to Rajasthan. The NH8 national highway connects Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and many other cities. It is the one with the greatest connections in Rajasthan.

A comprehensive travel guide to Rajasthan is necessary to make the most of your trip to Rajasthan.  The handy guide will assist you in creating a great vacation in Rajasthan. We have compiled a selection of significant travel-related information. So, just pick one of the Rajasthan tour packages designed by LYT to have the best trip to Rajasthan.