Try The 10 Best Foods In Manipur For A Wonderful Taste Of Earthy Flavors

Best Foods In Manipur

Try The 10 Best Foods In Manipur For A Wonderful Taste Of Earthy Flavors. The North-Eastern states, sometimes known as the “seven sisters,” are hubs of beauty. They are really not just lovely because of the huge tea gardens. There is so much more for travellers to discover in these unknown states. Manipur is one of these states. Because of its natural grandeur, it has been nicknamed “The Jewelled Land.” It is the home of the Ras Lila, a traditional Manipuri dance. Apart from that, Manipur is highly recognised for its amazing food. Manipur’s cuisine is said to be extremely healthy.

Their dishes are basic yet amazing. The majority of the components they utilize are organic, which adds to the health aspect. Of course, the food here needs to be nutritious, because there are so many hills and peaks in this area that take a lot of power and agility to climb. You can visit this state by just booking the Manipur tour packages offered by Lock Your Trip.

Foods in Manipur are also said to be spicy and low in oil. Their secret is that they utilise chilli pepper instead of the common garam masala powder used by the rest of the country. As a result, their cuisine is regarded as healthier. In a nutshell, Manipur’s population enjoy rice, fish, green vegetables, and so on. They also raise vegetables on their farms and breed fish in their home ponds. So everything is mostly natural. They also employ a variety of herbs in their dishes, varying from mint and chives to pepper and basil. In this blog, we will list a few of the best foods in Manipur to taste.


Starting the list of Manipur’s greatest foods with a meatless meal speciality. This dish’s main components are a variety of veggies. Basically, a wide variety of seasonal veggies are available. Vegetables are cut and cooked with onions, maroi and spices such as clove and ginger. The end result is a simple yet tasty vegetable stew that is frequently served with rice and fish. You must eat it hot for the greatest flavour.

Alu Kangmet

Many citizens in our nation enjoy eating potatoes. In addition, each state has its unique take on mashed potatoes. Manipur is no different. Alu kangmet (alu translates to potato) is the term given to Manipur’s version of mashed potato. The method is pretty simple: boil and mash the potato before combining it with various seasonings. Mash potatoes in Manipur are prepared with salt, mustard oil, and a lot of chillies. This is a nutritious meal that is as simple to prepare as it is tasty. 


Do you enjoy eating fish? If you answer yes, then you will like eating eromba. It contains veggies and fish. The fish in this meal is a dry fermented variant of a fish called Ngari. The veggies and fish are cooked until they have the consistency of a paste. The meal is then served hot with a heavy topping of fresh coriander and maroi.

Nga Thongba

Another fish dish, this time in the form of a curry. In many regions of India, fish curries are considered comfort food. Because fish is a popular element in Manipuri cuisine, it is only reasonable that they develop a specific fish curry. Should we go through the recipe? Fish (of any sort) is sliced into little pieces and cooked with spices and herbs. The components of nga-thongba might vary, but the flavour is always wonderful.

Morok Metpa

Not a main course or a side dish, but a chutney that the people of Manipur commonly enjoy with their foods in Manipur.  The main ingredients of this cuisine are green chillies (dried) and Ngari fish.  To make this cuisine, a paste of dried green chiles is prepared and then cooked with Ngari fish. The mixture is then mashed with salt, and that’s all there is to it.  Morok metpa is now ready to eat with food. Order some morok metpa with your Manipuri meal and see how it improves the flavour of each piece you consume.

Chagem Pomba

Because the people of Manipur like curry, we have another curry item on our menu. But this time, instead of fish, we have fermented soya beans.  Fermented soybeans, known locally as hawaijar and chagem, are cooked in a large pot with rice and spices until they form a thick stew. If you visit Manipur during the Ushop and Firoi festivals, you will see this meal served in large quantities.

Peruk Kangsu

It’s time to move on from the fish and move to another veg dish. Peruk, the major ingredient in this meal, is a medicinal herb that is widely available in Manipur. Apart from peruk, there are boiling white peas, boiled potato, and a fermented fish chutney. There is no cooking necessary other than boiling the potato and white peas. Simply combine all of the ingredients and enjoy a bite.


we get another salad for healthy dinners. Singju leaves, cabbage, onion, tomato, lotus stem, raw papaya, and banana flowers are among the main ingredients of this food in Manipur. All of these veggies are chopped and combined with gently toasted chickpea flour, sesame seeds, chillies, perilia seed powder, and herbs. And with that, Singju is ready. It’s simple to make, but the combinations of flavours and the crispiness is amazing.


This is a popular Manipur snack that you should try. It’s similar to the Manipuri variant of pancakes. This pancake’s batter is created with chickpea flour, vegetables, herbs, spices (including a lot of chillies), and fermented fish. However, rather than frying the pancakes in oil on a hot pan, the batter is covered in banana leaves and steamed. Pakkam with a cup of hot tea or coffee and you’ve got yourself an amazing evening snack.

Chak hao Kheer

Kheer, also known as payesh or payasam, is a popular Indian dessert. This meal has a unique recipe in each state. It is often made with rice, milk, sugar or jaggery, and dried fruits. Chak-hao kheer, a Manipur speciality, is created with the same ingredients as other recipes, but what distinguishes it from others is its gorgeous purple colour. Nothing can be a better way to round off our food adventure in Manipur than with a bowl of delicious kheer. Many unusual vegetables, such as Kolamni, Yendem, Koukhaa, and Sougri, are grown only in this region. Many medicinal plants are used in cooking. Manipur dishes are not only simple to prepare, but also beneficial to one’s health. Vegetables are usually high in nutritional value. You can visit this state for sampling the amazing foods in Manipur, by just booking the Manipur tour package offered by LYT.