Wondering why Kashmir is called Heaven on Earth?


In the winters, the magnificent Kashmir area is awash in snowy beauty, and that in the early fall, springtime, and midsummer, it is awash in the hues of nature. Kashmir – Heaven on Earth as the title suggests. When you first enter the beautiful region, you’ll be unsure whether you’re on the globe or staring at a massive picture poster. Moreover, there are many best places in Kashmir to pay your visit.

The Himalayan rivers are all so calm, as well as the hills in the background create it the best places to visit in Kashmir and beautiful spots in the world. When the first sunlight bounce on these waterways, it gives them a glittering shine that transforms in colour – gold. In the distance, the Great mountains are shrouded in fog & cloud, merging into one another to create a crest. The evergreen giant Chinar trees that can be seen throughout the basin, particularly during the nice fall temperature, paint the roadways with colours of golden and crimson hues.

As the leaf hit the earth, the roads become softer to walk on but the ground practically becomes yellow. Lovely Kashmir – Heaven on Earth will undoubtedly bring you closer to nature.

Postcard-style Landscape

It appears to be the best place to visit in Kashmir and picture-perfect countryside beauty, with the famed Pir Panjal mountainous region visible in the distance. Furthermore, the pleasant scent from the pyramidal cypress pine trees only adds to the lovely scenery and creates the mood even more wonderful.

On the Kashmir tour package, you will discover that the slopes of these huge mountains are ideal grazing areas for domestic animals, featuring the best places in Kashmir with beautiful green fields covered with colourful flowers. The tiny children running around give this high region of rivers a more earthy vibe. Every location you may discover has a lot of essences, and the attractiveness will make you feel compelled to snap a photograph and share it on social media. Furthermore, the location itself appears to be a picture postcard of a Kashmir – Heaven on Earth area.

The Pristine Lakes of Kashmir

The perfectly best places to visit in Kashmir with pure silver calm lakes defy description, with notable lakes like Nageen Lake as well as Dal Lake guaranteed to captivate visitors. Dal Lake, Kashmir’s most popular lake, which is composed of three separate lakes, has little semblance to a typical lake owing to its canals, cruising island, houseboat companies, and so on. It seems to be smaller islands in a large expanse of sea.

There are many offshoot lakes, like Nagin Lake, and many others, like Wular Lake, which has a rich microbial as well as a photograph appearance, and that it is the largest freshwater lake on the whole Asian continent!

There is also Mansar&Surinsar Lakes, a hotspot for lotus flowers where you may go for a pleasant stroll.

The Houseboat Lifestyle

Shikara excursions or houseboat trips the best places to visit in Kashmir on the huge Dal Lake provide a spectacular sight of the magnificent waterways. Houseboats are constructed of real wood that has been handcrafted. And others are decked out with the finest and vibrant flowers. Search for the Kashmir tour package with the best cost.

Trips aboard the world’s second-biggest gondola

A further undeniable possible explanation that it is truly as mentioned. Kashmir – Heaven on Earth has been the second most increased Gondola climbs at the wonderful Gulmarg. As well as the other picturesque bodies of water throughout the background also with transcendental snowy peaks Himalayan Mountain range as people venture towards the Apharwat Hill making it the best places to visit in Kashmir.

Kashmir’s Peaceful Valleys

The green lush valleys are dispersed with pretty wild blooms growing in a variety of colours. Creating a beautiful environment even when you are experiencing it and trying out different things to do in Kashmir. The colours of the summer are vivid, exquisite, and wonderful. And the gentle wind sweeps through the lowlands, bringing a sense of vigour to the mind and spirit. There is untouched grandeur that nobody else can explain in the environment. All around recalling the persona hills for the background.

These regions of Kashmir are beautiful. The best places to visit in Kashmir exude perfection and maculopapular. And also the whole topography exudes an old empire charm. In other terms, the region’s beautiful valleys are both pleasant and particularly elegant. Exuding a sense of tranquillity that can be felt everywhere. There are things to do in Kashmir’s valley.

The World’s Largest Tulip Garden

The weather of best places to visit in Kashmir changes to watch a magnificent fairy story tulips farm as they start to blossom. Much as the Dal Lake mirrors the shifting colours of the many months with golden sunbeams. Duringthe Kashmir tour package, you will notice the spring season causes. The Tulips of all vivid hues – red, yellowish, white, even orange tulip to bloom. Enabling you to see the splash of nature’s finest appealing tints and colours making it the best place in Kashmir.

Kashmir Valley might not be the most important tulip plantation in the nation. As well as the richest tulip garden throughout Asia. Another point in calling the Kashmir Heaven on Earth is a tranquil stroll through. These lawns while viewing these gorgeous blooms.

Fall Snow and ice is the whitest it has ever been

Kashmir experiences the most fascinating snowfall during the winter, providing a welcome respite from the nation’s hot & sticky summers everywhere. It genuinely leaves you feeling as though you’ve arrived in Kashmir – Heaven on Earth.

Imagine fragile, white, but gentle snowflakes dropping on the hills and vegetation blooming all over mountains. Snowfall coating the tops of trees and snowflakes above each blunt blade of beautiful green spikes in the distant countryside. Like frosting on the dessert. The best places to visit in Kashmir withan enchanting image of the snowbank facade. And over basements dotting the Kashmir – Heaven on Earth can take your breath away.

The snowy landscape and tiny snowflakes dropping over the magnificent snow cloak are a joy to behold and provides amazing Things to do in Kashmir!

Kashmir’s beautiful snowy winters are worth every minute anyone spends there. It transports you to a winter Kashmir – Heaven on Earth straight out of a fairy story.

Kashmiri Cuisine at its Finest

Enjoy the best places to visit in Kashmir from exquisite rice delights that have been exported all over the globe to the greatest stately gala meal feast named Wazwan. The highly significant state rich meals absorbed from traditional cuisine that have been developed over the years. You should not missthe Kashmir tour package. Enjoy various Things to do in Kashmir with the best tour package.