10 Of The Most Beautiful Islands Near Goa You Must Pay A Visit

10 Best Islands Near Goa

10 Of The Most Beautiful Islands Near Goa You Must Pay A Visit will provide you with a fantastic retreat from the hectic life of the city. If you are someone who prefers to experience the green beauty of nature then it is the perfect place for you. With its stunning sandy beaches, exhilarating watersports, and delectable Goan food, Goa is famed for its laid-back lifestyle. People’s attention is often drawn to the picturesque islands of Goa, which are ideal for beach parties, long walks, and rejuvenation. The sun-kissed islands of Goa will not only calm your eyes, but will also provide you with lovely sights that will put you in a trance. Be sure that a trip to these little beautiful islands floating in the middle of the Arabian sea is included in your Goa tour package.

These are a private entrance for maximum isolation and enjoyment. At the Divar Islands, you can have an extravagant yacht party or go exotic cruising at So Jacinto Island. Interested visitors can also marvel at the total purity of the gorgeous terrain on Butterfly Island or observe the derelict construction on Pequeno Island.

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This blog is about the 10 Of The Most Beautiful Islands Near Goa You Must Pay A Visit. Of course we can’t list each one of them as the list will be too large.

1) Ilha Grande

If you don’t go to Ilha Grande Island, your Goa vacation will be incomplete. It is one of Goa’s greatest snorkelling and scuba diving islands. Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the world can still be found here, undisturbed by human devastation.

The trip should not be restricted to just visiting the island; you should also participate in other refreshing activities such as fishing, dolphin sightings, and so on. You can lead your fantasy life here, lounging on a beach chair on the island’s beautiful beaches.

2) Chorao Island

One of the 10 Of The Most Beautiful Islands Near Goa You Must Pay A Visit, this one is known for being the home of diverse plants and animals. If you’re a nature fan, a trip to Choro Island, which is home to the renowned Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, can be a real pleasure. It is home to nearly 500 different types of gorgeous migratory birds, as well as the deadly crocodiles.

Colonial mansions, Portuguese churches, and Hindu temples dot the entire island. There are a few low-key places where you may have uncomplicated Goan cuisine.

3) Divar Island

This is one of the most picturesque Goa islands, situated on the Mandovi River and home to the ruins of the Kadamba dynasty, which provide a glimpse into Goa’s rich history. There are some lovely villas nearby that are suitable for a night’s stay.

The Bonderam festival, which takes place on the final Saturday of August, is a well-known event that allows you to learn about a different side of Goa. This island is ideal for individuals wishing to participate in adrenaline-pumping aquatic sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

4) Sao Jacinto Island

Sao Jacinto, one of the 10 Of The Most Beautiful Islands Near Goa You Must Pay A Visit, is a tropical island near Goa with stunning natural beauty. It is thought that the locals made a commitment in the twentieth century not to sell or lease any section of the island. Its southwestern coastline is brimming with historic homes and a lovely old church Best Islands Near Goa tour package.

There’s also an old Portuguese lighthouse here, from which you may get stunning views of the Goa coast and the Indian Ocean. In the middle of the island, there is an old spring that the people still utilise for drinking water. If you’re visiting Goa, you should definitely check out this lesser-known Goan gem.

5) Pequeno Island

It’s also known as Bat Island, and it’s one of Goa’s most quiet and scenic islands, located near Barina Beach. It is made up of stony beaches and pockets of green mangroves. The Indian Navy used to own it, and its commanders used to stay here, but the houses have since been abandoned.

It is one of Goa’s most attractive islands, home to a variety of colourful shoals. It’s a fantastic snorkelling and diving area.

6) Vanxim Islands

Vanxim Island, located in the Tiswadi taluka, is regard as one of the distinctive Goa fishing islands. It’s a barren island with Portuguese buildings and lovely greenery all around. There is plenty to see here, from gorgeous cathedrals to breathtaking cemeteries.

It’s a little island with lovely mangroves on one side. A church name Church of Santo Cristo was also build over here. The island exudes natural beauty and purity.

7) Raneache Zuem

This island is a charming retreat for travellers in search of some much-needed peace and quiet. It is 1.5 kilometres long and half a kilometre wide and is located on the Chapora River. A haunted mansion can also be find here, which appears to be rather frightening. This little island is connect to the mainland by a bridge.

The island is cover with coconut trees and mangroves, providing visitors with a spectacular panoramic splendour. The iconic song “Love You Zindagi” from Dear Zindagi was film on this island in Goa.

8) Butterfly Island

This is really a hidden gem in South Goa that is famed for its tranquilly and calmness. The yellow beach sand is encircle by steep rocks. And the entire island mimics the shape of a butterfly’s wings from the coast.

It is one of Goa’s most beautiful islands, and it has recently become a popular tourist destination. Hundreds of butterflies may be see fluttering above the hilltop petals.

9) Conco Island

In the Canacona district of Goa, this is among the most beautiful islands. This islands is surround by the Arabian Sea, and you can find other adrenaline water sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving here.

Because of the enormous number of monkey that live in the island’s jungle, it is also refer to as Monkey Islands. While enjoying a boat ride from Palolem Beach, you can observe some gleaming dolphins.

10) Cumbarjua Island

Its situated on the Mandovi River’s bank and is well-known as a crocodile habitat. 15th century, it was a famous castle of the Portuguese ruler, but it is today an unusual attraction. Tourists can go fishing in the seductive backwaters, which has a very pristine and undiscovered environment.

This tranquil island in Goa is teeming with gorgeous beaches and aquatic wonders. Is visit these islands while you are in Goa. You are bounds to have a wonderful time at these islands Goa tour packages.