10 Best Things to Do in Jaisalmer for an Enchanting Trip to Rajasthan

Things to Do in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is famous for its gorgeous Havelis, golden sandy desert, and mesmerizing lakes. But what you may not realize is that there are a variety of interesting activities to do in Jaisalmer to make your holiday unforgettable. There is no shortage of entertaining things to do in Jaisalmer, with a variety of monuments, palaces, lakes, and how can we forget about the huge desert? From Dune Bashing to Paragliding, Desert Safaris, and Camping, the amount and range of options and activities available to you will leave you stunned.

Apart from these top things to do in Jaisalmer, you can also see the magnificent Havelis, take a boat ride, and shop in the marketplaces. This trip can be done in the easiest way possible, just book the best Rajasthan tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. The beautiful city of Rajasthan, called the “Golden City,” never fails to capture the interest of tourists looking for something out of the box.

How To Reach Jaisalmer

By Air: Jaisalmer airport is 5 kilometers from the city and has direct flights to Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Jodhpur and Patna.

By Road: Inter-state buses run frequently between Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Still, there are no direct buses between Delhi and Jaisalmer. The distance between Delhi to Jaisalmer through Jaipur is approximately 800 kilometers.

By Train: The railway station in Jaisalmer is located 2 kilometers from the city. The railway station is well connected by major cities of India. The Palace on Wheels is one of India’s most luxury trains that may transport you to Jaisalmer.

A journey to Jaisalmer, without even a doubt, provides an excellent introduction to India in a summary. The rich culture, age-old traditions, and interesting desert festivals are nothing less than amazing, leaving an everlasting impact. Here are the greatest things to do in Jaisalmer that will provide you with enough options for an enjoyable trip.

Desert Safari at Sam Sand Dunes

As the sun goes down for the day, the Sam Sand Dunes come alive with people. It would be a huge mistake to visit Jaisalmer and not view these magnificent dunes. Cultural performances and camel rides help to create a carnival-like atmosphere. One of the most memorable things to do in Jaisalmer is a desert safari at Sam Sand Dunes.

Glamping is an interesting alternative provided here for the exceptionally pampered souls. The epic nature of the location is enhanced by the slow-paced walking track. There is no other site that appears to be lonely but is alive with activities. A brief halt at Khaba Fort on the way to Sam Dunes raises the bar. Extend your visit to Desert National Park, which is close to the dunes.

Boat Ride at Gadisar Lake

The lovely Gadisar Lake, located on the borders of Jaisalmer in the dry state of Rajasthan, sits like a paradise in the Centre of a desert. There were no canals, irrigation systems, or other scientific methods to transport water to Rajasthan’s desert regions back in the Middle Ages. Raja Rawal Jaisal established this lake with the needs of his people in mind. The lake, which lies near Jaisalmer’s fort, provides soothing relief from the hot and dusty desert atmosphere.

Gadisar Lake provides stunning views of the lake and the nearby fort, especially when the eastern sky is blood red and the sun rises, highlighting the upper levels of Jaisalmer Fort. Gadisar Lake has a variety of things to offer, whether you like to spend time alone or with your family. You may go boating on the lake or just wander around the embankment. If you visit during the winter, you could be lucky enough to observe stunning exotic migrating birds flying in and around the lake from the adjacent Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

Visit The Offbeat Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village, approximately 20 kilometers from Jaisalmer’s Golden City, is one of the most unique and intriguing tourist places that you should definitely include on your Rajasthan tour packageThe village, which is rich in folklore and mythology, is supposed to be frightening and haunted. Its abandoned and terrifying beauty, standing lonely amidst wide stretches of desert, lives up to its reputation. There have been reports of ghostly and paranormal activity in and around the town, but no one has been able to give convincing proof of it.

If you want to be surrounded by mystery, go there. According to legend, the whole area’s population left the area overnight to protect their honors and lives from the clutches of the cruel minister. As a result, the entire region is quiet but strangely silent.  There is nothing to do, yet the experience compensates for everything. The government, with the assistance of some private construction businesses, is establishing cafés, restaurants, and even lodges for overnight stays to transform the area into a full-fledged tourist destination.

Witness The Architecture of Patwon Ki Haweli

Patwon Ki Haveli, also known as the Mansion of Brocade Traders, is a popular tourist site in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. From the tight street it faces, one can see multiple windows and balconies with beautiful carvings, and once inside, one can appreciate Haveli’s beauty. It is a collection of five tiny Havelis establish in the nineteenth century by a wealthy businessman. The haveli is also know as Kothari’s Patwa Haveli by the locals. The five Havelis were establish for the family, and the total compound is the city’s largest house. It still has a large number of artefacts and stones that represent the royal lifestyle of the Patwa family. It is one of three Havelis in the city that is considere magnificent. The structure is manage by the Archaeological Survey of India and is a well-known architectural and historical landmark.

Explore Jain Temples

The Jain Temples of Jaisalmer, located in the Jaisalmer Fort, are a must-see while visiting the city. The temples, despite their age, have a strong religious value and old information associated with them. These temples are devoted to Rihab devji and Shambhav dev Ji, the legendary Jain survivalist known as Tirthankaras. The Jain Temples, as a prominent pilgrimage site, are a rare treasure of Jaisalmer and a wonderful destination to visit for all Travellers interested in history and religion.

The seven temples are link to one another and are build of the same golden-yellow Jaisalmer stone. To tourists, each temple appears as a mystery, each has its own story to be apprise. The sculptures on these temples devoted to Rishabh dev, Sambhav Nath, Chandra prabhu, and Parshvanath are beautiful. The amazing sculptures surrounding the walls. Which are covere by glass closets and pillars decorate with Gods and celestial ladies, may be admire.

Camping At Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Thar Desert, where you may camp in luxurious lodgings while being surrounded by the desert’s breathtaking grandeur. The camping location, located approximately 40 kilometers from Jaisalmer’s city Centre, has the sense of a desert or an old village Qasba, with multiple tents put one next to the other. You can go stargazing at night, go on desert safaris, start a bonfire, and take a camel ride here. The desert is home to a variety of species, some of which are unique to the region and may be seen on a desert safari.

Try Dune Bashing

What could be better than overcoming the Thar sand dunes? Dune Bashing allows you to climb aboard an SUV and travel across the golden sands. One of the thrilling things to do in Jaisalmer encourages many adventure seekers to participate in this nerve-wracking activity. It is more enjoyable when combined with off-roading when done under proper supervision. Fasten your seatbelts, because you’re about to go on a crazy ride into the desert. Feel the rush as you fly up and down and around sharp turns.

Jeep Safari At Desert National Park

Desert National Park, located near the town of Jaisalmer, is one of the largest of its kind in the country, occupying an area of 3162 square kilometers. The park covers a vast territory that stretches from Jaisalmer/Barmer all the distance to the India-Pakistan border. Despite its location in the heart of a parched, dry, and sandy desert, the desert national park provides an excellent opportunity to witness animals such as camels, desert fox, Bengal fox, chinkara, wolves, desert cat, and Blackbuck.

The interesting landmark has everything a desert environment should have: jagged rocks and compact Salt Lake bottoms, intermedial spaces and permanent dunes. The dunes cover around 20% of the park. Tangled shrubs, cacti, and a few deserts vegetation cover the entire region. If you want to discover the magnificent animals of Desert National Park, the best way to do it is to go on an adventure-filled jeep safari, which will be a totally new and exciting experience.

Visit The Legendary Tazia Tower

The Tazia Tower is a popular tourist attraction with five floors, each with its unique importance. Jaisalmer trips with well-planned itineraries include a visit to the tower. When you visit the tower, you’ll be able to see how each of the five balconies is constructed differently. The Tazia, a tomb carried during Muharram, inspired the monument’s structure, which was erected by Muslim craftsmen. The architects dedicated the tower to the royal emperors.

Shopping At the Jaisalmer Market

Jaisalmer’s markets are a must-see for all shopaholics. The Bhatia Bazaar is fantastic. The Bazaar, one of Jaisalmer’s oldest marketplaces, houses a unique collection of Rajasthani souvenirs and traditional products. Apart from that, there are additional marketplaces where you may buy silk materials, cotton embroideries, antique jewelry, and leather products. Carpets, oil lamps, mirrors, and stylish wooden boxes are all worthwhile purchases. Several options will entice you to visit the market regularly and shop till you collapse. The greatest approach to carry the memories of this magnificent resort in India with you is to bring some of the gorgeous mementoes from here with you.

The extensive list of things to do in Jaisalmer appears to be extremely entertaining. Before you book the Rajasthan tour package offered by LYT, make your selection of things to do in Jaisalmer. Also, make an effort to see as many things as possible in the Golden City of Rajasthan.