A Guide That Describes Top Locations in Kerala For Family Trips

Family is a vital aspect of our lives and our greatest source of support during difficult times. But in the hectic and complicated world of today, it can occasionally be challenging to spend time and form bonds with family. Therefore, taking a family vacation might be the finest method to strengthen bonds, encourage creativity, educate them about different cultures, and broaden their horizons. Additionally, it provides some downtime and opportunities for families to spend quality time together and create memories. A Kerala trip from Chennai can be planned with your family for a memorable experience. The memories have the power to fortify numerous relationships for a lifetime, eliminating any chance for grievances of any kind.

Why choose Kerala for a Family trip?

Kerala is among the greatest Indian destinations for family vacations. This varied region features abundant wildlife, chilly hill stations, and immaculate beaches with India’s famous backwaters. In addition, there are forts that date back hundreds of years, relics from the colonial era, and stunning scenery that combine to create the perfect setting for family outings. It’s also simple to have a relaxing vacation with family members of all ages thanks to the delectable local food, friendly locals, and opulent lodging.

Let us now discuss the top family-friendly travel destinations in Kerala, after our discussion of the top family-friendly travel destinations worldwide.

The Best to Travel in Kerala with family

Kerala is divided into 14 districts, half of which are encircled by sea and offer some truly amazing experiences. Thus, the following are some of the greatest locations for family vacations and places to escape life’s monotony:

Rich Wildlife in Thekkady:

Thekkady is surrounded by a variety of landscapes that offer opportunities to explore a wide range of flora and animals. The area is home to the well-known Periyar National Park, where families may enjoy a variety of thrilling and daring activities like boating, bamboo rafting, and jungle safari. It’s entertaining to observe many animal kinds concurrently.

Alleppey Houseboats:

For a memorable and uncommon experience, a family vacation to Kerala would not be complete without spending time on one of the state’s iconic houseboats. Living aboard a traditional houseboat, the rustic Alleppey is home to the backwater treasure. However, they include all the contemporary amenities you could want for a comfortable stay, including balconies and bathrooms. Alleppey is also well-known for its bird sanctuary, where visitors may see a variety of exotic bird species that are young. You can add a houseboat stay to the Chennai Kerala tour packages.


Munnar, the hill station tucked away in Kerala’s tropical forests, will leave you wanting more. It features serene weather, crisp winds, and hazy mountains that resemble something from a fairy tale. There are also peaks, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, spice gardens, and a plethora of other things. In addition, you have the opportunity to buy some organic tea and bring the scent of Kerala home with you thanks to the extensive network of tea estates.


How about spending some priceless time in the Eddakal caves dining with your family? Situated on the boundary of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala, the charming rural district of Kerala is a hill station. With its tranquil waterfalls and verdant hills, the well-known Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place for families to unwind in the lap of nature. In the meantime, you can take a leisurely stroll around the Wayanad and tea and spice plantations while enjoying a cup of fresh tea to revitalize yourself.


Kerala’s cultural legacy is blended with a contemporary tourism destination in Thrissur. Since there is a zoo, museum, beach, temples, and much more, it is perfect for family tourism. Moreover, every April, Thiruvananthapuram has a well-known summer harvest celebration. For a memorable experience, try to go there with your family.


Kerala’s tranquil city of Kottayam is renowned for its remarkable attributes. It has lovely lakes and rice fields. This town in India is noteworthy for being the first to achieve complete literacy. Beautiful plantations of spices and rubber can be seen. In addition to the waterfalls, art museum, lighthouse, and bird sanctuary, you should definitely explore and appreciate them when traveling with your family.


Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and shallow seas are just a few of the town’s many tourist attractions. It has been a well-liked destination for tourists since the 1930s. With your family, you can enjoy a soothing vacation that includes herbal body toning massages, and tanning. Finally, remember to treasure special times spent with family while taking in the breathtaking landscapes of Kerala. This will be included in the Chennai Kerala tour packages.


While less well-known than other parts of Kerala, Bekal attracts attention for its captivating views, interesting tourist attractions, cozy lodging, pleasant weather, and romantic ambiance. The well-known Bekal Fort is rich with historical significance and served as a vital military outpost for the Turkish sultan and his army. You must visit this location while planning your Kerala trip from Chennai.


 Kozhikode is a contemporary and energetic city in Kerala that boasts breathtaking beaches, an abundance of flora, and historic forts. To have the ideal family vacation, you can visit spice plantations, waterfalls, museums, dams, lighthouses, temples, and much more. Family-friendly attractions include fascinating bird sanctuaries and artisan villages.


Vagamon is a great destination to spend time with family because of its lush greenery and picturesque surroundings. There are stunning waterfalls, mild inclines, and breathtaking scenery that provide for idyllic picnics against the backdrop of the natural world. Its amazing charm will always amaze you and your family.

These locations will provide the best Kerala family travel experiences for an unforgettable vacation and unexpected enjoyment. You may unwind and spend all the time you’ve missed over the last several days with your family at the same time. Your Kerala trip from Chennai will be a memorable one with your family.The Chennai Kerala tour packages, as a result, provide the greatest and most individually designed travel packages at Lock Your Trip at reasonable prices with a comfortable stay for families. The all-inclusive tour packages feature the greatest locations and authentic local experiences. Consequently, it will make you want to bring your family back time and time again.

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