Start an odyssey from Delhi to Shimla Manali and have a pleasant experience amidst the hills

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Road trips from the busy city of Delhi to the tranquil towns of Shimla and Manali provide the ideal combination of scenic beauty, Himalayan adventure, and cultural exploration. Moreover, The route opens out into the center of the Himalayas as the Indian capital city disappears from view. 

We’ll walk you through the captivating Delhi to Shimla to Manali route that highlights the must-see locations, the varied scenery, and the special experiences that make this road trip an amazing journey.

Organizing Your Travel Path:

We are committed to organizing a seamless travel path for you. It’s crucial to carefully plan the route before you drive. It is preferable to take several days to enjoy the approximately 600-kilometer trip from Delhi via Shimla to Manali. Typically, the route follows the NH44 and NH5 roads, traveling through scenic cities and villages along the way.

Delhi to Shimla: The Cultural Diversion


  • Make a stop in Murthal, which is also well-known for its dhabas (roadside restaurants), to start your adventure.
  • Savor a substantial Punjabi breakfast, which should include mouthwatering parathas, to set the mood for the next road journey.


  • Take a diversion as you get closer to Chandigarh to discover the well-planned city created by renowned architect Le Corbusier.
  • For a dose of peace and art, head to the Capitol Complex, Sukhna Lake, as well as the Rock Garden.

The Shimla-Kalka Toy Train:

  • Consider traveling on the distinctive and picturesque Kalka-Shimla Toy Train, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Moreover, the sights from the narrow-gauge train are magnificent as it travels across verdant hills.

The Queen of Hills, Shimla

  • Reach Shimla, the former British India summer capital.
  • Experience the colonial elegance and expansive vistas as you stroll along Mall Road, Ridge, and Jakhoo Temple.

The Enchanting Himalayan Odyssey: Shimla to Manali


  • Take a quick excursion to Kufri, a little hill station well-known for its breathtaking scenery and adventurous activities, before departing Shimla.
  • In the winter, enjoy a thrilling ski or a thrilling horseback ride.


  • Our budget Manali tour packages make a stop at Mandi, the “Varanasi of the East,” as you travel towards Manali.
  • Explore the historic temples and take in the serene atmosphere along the Beas River.


  • The Kullu Valley entices you with its verdant surroundings and apple orchards.
  • Also, look for handcrafted items including the renowned Kullu shawls at the neighborhood markets.

Manali – Adventure’s Gateway:

  • Reach Manali, a honeymooner’s paradise as well as a shelter for adventure seekers.
  • Wander around Old Manali’s alleyways, pay a visit to Hadimba Devi Temple, and relax by the Beas River.

Encounters Along the Way:

A Solang Valley Paragliding Adventure:

  • For paragliding, zorbing, and amazing vistas of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, make the exhilarating diversion to Solang Valley.
  • Also, Adventurers can partake in these heart-pounding pursuits in breathtaking scenery.

Rohtang Pass Tour:

  • Take a day excursion to Rohtang Pass in the summer for breathtaking vistas, snow-capped peaks, and snow-related activities.
  • The drive over Rohtang Pass is exciting due to the twisting roads and the shifting scenery.

Rafting the Beas River:

  • Also, take part in the thrilling sport of river rafting on the Beas River, which offers you a unique viewpoint on the breathtaking Himalayan scenery.

Savoury Treats Along the Road:

Local cafés and dhabas:

  • Savor the tastes of North Indian food in neighborhood dhabas located alongside the highway.
  • Discover charming cafés that serve a combination of Himachali and foreign food in Shimla, Manali, and along the route.

Himachali Food:

  • Try some of the regional specialties from Himachali cuisine, such as Sidu, Thenthuk, and Kadhi Chawal, which provide a sense of the area’s rich culinary history.

Enchanting Visits to Shimla:

  • Furthermore, there are several places to stay in Shimla, from quaint guesthouses to hotels from the colonial era.
  • Select a lodging option that enhances the town’s allure and offers a cozy haven.

Manali’s Riverside Retreats:

  • Choose accommodations along the river in Manali for a tranquil getaway from the busy metropolis.
  • After a day of exploring, relax to the tranquil sounds of the Beas River.

Travel essentials and advice:

Rohtang Pass Permits:

  • If you intend to visit Rohtang Pass, make sure you get the appropriate permits—entry is restricted without them.

Weather-Related Considerations:

  • Pay attention to the weather, particularly in the winter when snowfall might have an impact on the state of the roads.

Comfy Clothes and Sneakers:

  • Make sure you pack comfortable clothes and shoes that are appropriate for exploring the city.

Equipment for Photography:

  • Remember to include your smartphone or camera so you can record the amazing scenery and special moments while you travel.

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Last words

Traveling by car from Delhi to Shimla to Manali is a life-changing adventure that provides a wide range of experiences. Moreover, each part of the journey has its own distinct character, from the energetic streets of Delhi to the historical elegance of Shimla and the adventurous appeal of Manali. This road trip is more than just a travel itinerary- it’s a tale waiting to be told- because of the cultural immersion, the jaw-dropping scenery, and the heart-pounding experiences. So, fill up with petrol, go on the road, and watch as the captivating Himalayan paradise opens out in front of you.

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