List of Best Places to Visit and Things to do In Himachal

The himachal tour package allows visitors to enjoy the finest of adventure, romance, vacationing, and more in one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, Himachal Pradesh. Its gorgeous scenery, beautiful green pastures, rich flora & wildlife, undiscovered places, unique cultural history, chaotic bazaars, as well as a plethora of adventurous activities have made it a popular tourist destination. The Kangra Valley is dot with beautiful temples and shrines, whereas Shimla & Dalhousie’s landscapes are adorne with colonial buildings.

In addition, Dharamshala offers a greater feeling of religion, whereas the slopes of Kullu & Manali beckon adventures. Himachal is surrounde by Himalayan peaks such as the Shivalik, Dhauladhar, PirPanjal, Greater Himalaya, and Rivulets. The elevations of these peaks range from 460 to 6000 metres.

The enormous state’s geography ranges from frigid, snowy mountain highlands to lush green sub-tropical lowlands. Let’s have a look at what else Himachal Pradesh does have to offer travellers.

Best Places to visit in Himachal


The picturesque town at Kasol, often know as the “Little Israel in India,” is situate on the Parvati River’s Bank. Kasol is the best place to visit in himachal and is a favourite destination for travellers and hipsters and has an excellent purpose.


Shimla, often known as Queen of Hills, is a lovely historical hill station with breathtaking vistas around every corner. It is a great spot to stroll about and see several of the greatest colonial-era buildings, such as the Viceregal Palace, City Hall, The Gaiety Theater, and the beautiful Christ Church.


Kasauli is a tiny colonial town located at a height of 1,900 metres. There are few attractions, businesses, or people in the city. Yet, it is precisely whereby the charm and attraction lie: in the pure air, calm and peaceful mood, and wealth of natural beauty which draws visitors.


Dharamshala, located in the Kangra Valley’s highest echelons, has the Himachal’s finest weather. The best place to visit in himachal as the city is rich with architectural and cultural treasures, as well as a large range of eateries, cafes, and stores serving its wide ethnic Indian plus Tibetan residents. It is encircled by snow-capped summits of the Dhauladhar Himalayas and beautiful pine plus deodar forests.

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is indeed an isolated town in the freezing desert highlands at an elevation of 3,810 metres. Despite its remote location, Spiti is increasingly attracting a growing number of spiritual & adventurous tourists.


Manali is a picture-perfect mountainous hideaway that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is located at a height of 2,050 metres upon River Beas valley. Explorers and environment enthusiasts alike are drawn to the gorgeous scenery, which includes thick pine & deodar woods, snow-capp mountains, stunning meadows, rivers, and slopes.


Chitkul, a tiny but lovely hamlet in Himachal’s Kinnaur region, is possibly the very last populate settlement close to the Indo-China borderline. The hamlet’s picturesque scenery, which includes lush green foliage, snow-capped peaks, plus apple orchards, makes up for the lack of things to do out there.

Billing Bir

Despite its small scale, Bir Billing remains India’s premier paragliding destination. Bir Billing, popularly known as the ‘Paragliding Hub of India,’ has pleasant weather throughout the year and breathtaking scenery that draws adrenaline junkies and travellers from all over the globe. The location provides magnificent views of High mountains ranges’ rolling splendour making it.

Activities to do in Himachal

Considering of Himachal tour package, it is among the few areas in the world having such a diverse geographical landscape. Winding rivers via deep gorges, tranquil alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, plus lush woods all provide excellent adventure opportunities. There seems to be an exercise, an activity, or perhaps an event for all types of visitors, from de-stressing to challenging adventures, for enthusiasts and novices as well as experts.

River Rafting:

Himachal Pradesh’s streams, that spring in Himalayan glacier valleys, make fast landings. White water rafts in India & other countries have flocked to the slopes. Rafting may be done just on Sutlej River in Tattapani near Shimla, and Beas River near Kullu in Pirdi, on Ravi River in Chamba, as well as the Spiti River throughout Lahaul as well as Spiti region for the much more adventurous rapids. Among the most ecstasy activities on the Himachal, a vacation would’ve been white water kayaking.


Paragliding is the nearest you can come to flying through the sky like a flying man. As well as the paragliding locations in Himachal Pradesh are one of the greatest in India as well as the globe. Paragliding may be done solo or even in duet at Bir Billing near Kangra region. The Paragliding Champions League and other major tournaments are regularly held in the area.

With a rush of mild breezes, the mountains of Billing allow provision spectacular take-offs, whereas the plains near Bir allow for wonderful terraced recoveries. Solang Valley, 14 kilometres northwest of Manali town, is another famous paragliding spot in the state, with a mesmerising wide view of the valley beneath. Know there’s Bandla Dhar, near Bilaspur, that has a great landing strip alongside the beautiful Gobindpur Sagar Lakes.


The pleasure and exhilaration of trekking are multiplie in the Himalayan mountains that cover all of Himachal Pradesh. Heli-skiing is a great way to enhance your skiing adventure. A chopper transports you to Manali than to high-altitude snowy mountains, where you will embark on an exciting Heli-skiing trip.


Himachal Pradesh is among the few states in India wherein skiing is possible. In Narkanda, a skiing region in Shimla’s area, Himachal Tourism also provides ski lessons and equipment rental. It’s a pricey activity that may be attempt near Manali mostly on the hills of Hanuman.

Best Cafes to Pay a Visit

Because of the regular manali trip package of tourists and visitors, Himachal Pradesh has developed a robust infrastructure development, including eateries, to provide the highest quality customer in terms of both the food and the coffee. In Himachal Pradesh, there are several cafes and food places where one may enjoy excellent coffee and delectable cuisine which are:

Kasol Jim Morrison Cafe

This is what you can call your hideaway if you enjoy wall art, inexpensive cuisine, relaxing, falling asleep in one spot for even a long period, spicy herbal coffee, and a strong WiFi connection located in the centre of beautiful Kasol.

Manali’s Cafe 1947

So, Cafe 1947 will provide you with the flexibility to get all of the things. But, If you prefer staying by the riverbank, hookahs, to be in museum-like settings with plenty of little items to gaze at, colour, and delicious cuisine.

Manali’s Johnson’s Cafe

This location is just amazing. You have no excuse not to visit this location. There’s more, though. It’s a resort with international cuisine serve in a stylish setting with low lighting as well as an accessible patio. Now is the time to gather your belongings and leave.

Kasauli’s Hangout-Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Everyone who has visited has described it as a once-in-a-lifetime event. The vista is spectacular, but the cuisine and amenities are equally so. When you’re in Kasauli, this is the place to be.

Kasol’s The Evergreen Cafe

However, This restaurant serves pizza, lasagna, tofu that give the home’s taste, Turkish kebabs, mutton and chicken meals, plus superb Israeli specialities. In addition to the picturesque outlook and bohemian interiors. You have the option of using tables or floor cushions for sitting.

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Chhlal’s Freedom Cafe

The cafe is a lovely half-hour hike from Kasol’s main street. This is without a doubt the most relaxing location to read books while not only listening to the river but also gazing over the hills.

Manali’s Sunshine Cafe

Apart from their unique hot cocoa, you don’t need to learn anything at all about the cafe. It’s delicious and will also make you euphoric if you understand what I’m saying.

Kasol’s River View Cafe

Because of its position, which is located along the perennial river. This is arguably the greatest cafe in Kasol. Trust me, you would not like to leave with the fresh wind and most stunning vista combined with great cuisine.