Jibhi – The Unexplored Village of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is an illusionist of a province, and the environment has showered upon it some of its most gorgeous and picturesque locations around the country. A tiny town named Jibhi itself is such a virtually undiscovered location. The hamlet is easily accessible from the highway of the Chandigarh-Manali route. You may get here by taking a night journey from the country’s capital, New Delhi. The scenery surrounding here is so stunning because even the most exhausting travel will seem worthwhile once you arrive. Jibhi is recognised for its lovely landscapes and picturesque locations since it is nestled in the heart of a magnificent Banjar valley.

Place to Visit in Jibhi

  • For visitors, the village boasts some well-known Victorian oakwood houses where they could unwind after long & exhausting journeys. Jibhi has become a temporary home not just for locals, but also for international tourists several times. Visitors from the United Kingdom, France, Palestine, and other nations may be seen strolling the roads or sipping ‘Chai’ at booths. They stay there for several days before continuing on their adventure to see more of the Himalayan region.
  • From the cabin, there is a beautiful view of a stream flowing down the coast. This was without a doubt is of the most memorable moments one can ever witness.
  • The very next destination is Chain Village, which is somewhat lovely than one would have imagined. Not to mention the natural beauty that seems to exist in nearly every area of the province. The historic buildings here provide an insight into the town’s past. The Vietnamese structure contains many secrets.
  • To get to Chain, you only need to walk for 3 to 5 hours. In this area,a Sharing Bagi temple is situated. It is an architectural wonder.
  • Other attractions in and near Jibhi village include Chaini Castle, Jalori Hill, Sarehul Lake, The Rahupur Garh Castle, plus, obviously, the beautiful vegetation. Aside from that, there’s trekking, which may be extremely impressive to visitors. The path is long and winding, and it will readily fulfil every fibre of existence.

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What is The Best Way to Get There?

Jibhi is a lovely, luscious hamlet on the highway of Chandigarh-Manali route. The simplest way to go to this lovely valley would be to take a bus via New Delhi’s Anand Vihar ISBT towards Manali. Then get off from the bus when arrived at Kut.

The Best Homestay or Property in Jibhi

Don’t neglect to chill and enjoy when visiting the wonderful town by staying in one of the incredibly gorgeous and inexpensive Victorian pinewood cottages. And anyway, you’re on family tour packages for himachal pradesh! So have a good time.

The environment is so careful in creating this tiny town that it often makes us wonder how such a beautiful location could have remained undisturbed for so centuries. Jibhi is a gem of a location that ought to be visited by more individuals. It is as lovely and innocent as a newborn infant.