Journey to Atal Tunnel Manali – A Complete Guide

Atal Tunnel Manali

Journey to Atal Tunnel Manali

The Atal Tunnel in Manali, also called the Rohtang Tunnel, is a highway tunnel with a horseshoe shape that cuts the travel time between Manali and the Lahaul-Spiti valley to about four to five hours. The tunnel is the longest tunnel above 10,000 feet in the world. It was built in the Pir Panjal ranges beneath the Rohtang Pass. It bears the name of the former prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The valley, normally landlocked in the winter, may now be reached thanks to the tunnel’s all-weather capabilities. Encircled by towering peaks, visitors approach Sissu from the northern end of the tunnel. It is located in a stunning area encircled by snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers. This tunnel is not only the longest highway tunnel in the world but also a feat of engineering.

We send our guests to the tunnel so they may explore it, take in the breathtaking drive up to the entrance, explore its interior, marvel at its remarkable security measures and other technological marvels, and ultimately come to the conclusion that this is the world’s most outstanding traffic tunnel. Every moment of the Atal Tunnel Manali Tour will captivate you.

Travelers can begin their incredible 24-kilometer journey from Manali via the Solang Valley and Dhundi as they embark on the Atal Tunnel Tour. The roadway winds through a region of verdant forest, with the Solang River meandering alongside it. Lofty snow-capped hills to the right provide a stunning view of the valley below, and hanging glaciers are visible from every direction in Dhundi.

About Atal Tunnel

To shorten the time needed to travel the vital and strategically significant Manali to Leh route, engineers built the 9-kilometer all-weather Atal Tunnel. Standing at an elevation of 10171 feet, it is the longest single-tube highway tunnel in the world above 10,000 feet. Notably, it avoids winter road closures and cuts the trip time from Manali to Keylong (in the Lahaul region) by four hours. It bears Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s name, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened it on December 12, 2020. Considering the challenges encountered in its creation and the benefits it provides, it ranks among the most significant national achievements.

We were astounded by how well-planned and kept the roads were as soon as we entered the tunnel. There is one lane on either side of the road in this two-way tunnel. Every few meters there were exits, and there were plenty of signboards to direct one’s way. There is a 60 km/h speed limit and a strict no-stopping regulation in place inside the tunnel. We were able to travel through the tunnel in fifteen minutes because of its pleasant voyage.

Explore the Hidden Gems 

Atal Tunnel is a must-visit location for a fantastic sightseeing tour if you are organizing a trip to Himachal Pradesh. The Atal Tunnel Manali is a fascinating tourist attraction that has made it possible to discover all of the hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. Previously, it was impossible to visit the remote border areas of these two states because of severe weather that would keep these areas completely closed off for six months. Some of the locations are the distant hamlets of Lahaul Valley, Dhundi, Sissu, and Solang Valley.

Safety Measures

There are no internet connectivity issues because Atal Tunnel Manali is outfitted with 4G BSNL Broadband service. Possibly the only tunnel in the nation offering fast internet is this one. The placement of CCTV cameras, emergency phone systems, fire hydrants, pollution detection systems, and incident detection systems makes this location extremely safe for visitors to travel through.

Savor the Breathtaking Views Through the Atal Tunnel.

During your sightseeing tour of Himachal Pradesh, you will never forget the breathtaking vistas you see when passing through this picturesque tunnel. You will get to see the breathtaking Keylong Valley, the serene Chandra River, the towering Dhauladhar Himalayan Peaks, hanging glaciers, lush green woods, and the serene Dhundi Valley.

These are the best surrounding attractions to visit near the Atal Tunnel. Also, there are many more, including isolated hamlets and tourist attractions. It’s more about the trip than the destination. Enchanting sights to view on the trip to the Atal Tunnel will make for an amazing Atal Tunnel Tour experience.

Best Time to Travel

The only person who can truly know the answer is you. If you enjoy the winter, one of the most well-known tourist destinations to see snowfall is the Atal Tunnel. Thus, the months of December through March are the greatest times to see snowfall.

If traveling here by car and seeking a comfortable journey, April, May, and June are excellent months to visit. The Atal Tunnel connects Manali to the routes to Keylong, Ladakh, and Rohtang; however, be aware that the route is closed in the winter.. As such, the only way to return to Manali is via the Solang Valley.

Discovering the elusive or unusual treasures of Himachal Pradesh by visiting the Atal Tunnel Manali is a unique experience. As opposed to your typical Himalayan vacation experience, when you see all the well-known locations, this is different. Lahaul Spiti, Keylong, and Ladakh are distant regions that will transport you to a paradisiacal realm where you can find yourself drawn to stay indefinitely due to the captivating hidden vistas. You can plan your trip via Lock Your Trip to have the best travel experience.

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