Kerala – God’s own country

Kerala is by far doubt one of India’s most gorgeous places, stretching all along subtropical Malabar Coast, featuring everything from huge beaches and scenic backwaters to unique nature and a rich tradition. Kerala has always been a very popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beauty and plethora of activities offered.

Engage yourself in ethnic interactions and visit the lovely countryside and learn about the things you can do in Kerala. The term “God’s Own Country” comes from the abundance of natural magnificence seen in the shape of calm backwaters, lush vegetation, scenic hill towns, & gorgeous beaches.

Places to visit and things to do there

Kerala is the nation’s top popular tourist destination, thanks to its tranquil backwaters, excellent photo postcard sites. The weave environment weaving its finest enchantment, warm faces, and unparalleled friendliness of its inhabitants. Despite its tiny size, it offers a heady blend of peaceful beaches. Foggy mountains, undulating greenery, and the fragrance of herbs, teas, and espresso everywhere you walk. Because the state is a famous tourist destination, there are many inexpensive and luxurious accommodations to choose from.

Backwaters Cruise

The backwaters are a must-see on any vacation to Kerala. A yacht cruise feels like a trip into some other nation because of the luscious palm-fringed landscapes. Diverse wildlife, as well as backwater-line residences and townships. It is, without a doubt, a relaxing activity that may be included in a romantic trip.

Visit a tea estate in Munnar

While you’re visiting this beautiful place, be sure to stop by this small refuge. Munnar, around 3 hours outside Kochi, is indeed a great place to stock up on locally produced tea. Explore this Kannan Devan Agricultural Center, another of Kerala’s must-see attractions. To observe tea manufacturing and sample a variety of beverages.

Ayurveda therapy is a great way to relax and unwind

Ayurveda wellness programmes that give massages and treat bodily illnesses are one of Kerala’s most sought-after services. Yoga is part of Ayurvedic, a traditional technique of mind-body health therapy. Although there are many Ayurveda institutes and hotels in Kerala, make sure to examine. And study their legitimacy before choosing one.

Attend a Kathakali performance

Kathakali is an extremely uncommon and old dance-drama technique that is deeply rooted in Keralan culture. The elaborate clothes and delicate dancing movements depict an important Hindu mythical story. For more details visit Lock Your Trip.

How to reach Kerela?

Travelling by train towards Kerala is an incredible experience. With breathtaking vistas of the beautiful coastline as well as the Western Ghats throughout much of the ride. A car trip to Kerala is well worth a position on the travel list. And you’ll see the same breathtaking coastline vistas and have no time constraints. The province is connect to the rest of this country by roads.