Kerala Honeymoon Guide for Couples Who Want to Make It Memorable

Honeymoons are a time to relax from the stresses of everyday life and to celebrate the newly formed relationship. So, you’ve spent a crazy number of sleepless days planning your wedding looking for a location, coordinating logistics, managing guests and family, shopping, photographers, and everything else on your to-do list? After all of this stress, the last thing you want to think about is deciding where to go on your honeymoon. In this blog we will be your Kerala Honeymoon Guide. 

We understand your pain, but what if we told you that there is a honeymoon destination in India that will quickly calm you down and pamper you with its kind hospitality and stunning beaches? No points for guessing the location, but let us tell you that the beaches of Kerala can live up to your aspirations of a great romantic honeymoon vacation. What are you waiting for, just visit Lock Your Trip and book your preferred Kerala honeymoon package for spending some quality time with your better half? Kerala, often known as “God’s Own Country,” is an excellent place for a romantic trip. Your honeymoon in Kerala will undoubtedly be the most enjoyable and beautiful holiday of your life, from strolling on beaches to enjoying houseboat cruises. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the Kerala Honeymoon Guide.

Why Kerala?

The atmosphere of Kerala is calm, with rich nature and softly moving backwaters. Kerala ranks high on the list of finest honeymoon destinations in India due to its spectacular landscape and excellent location. Newly married couples always fantasize about spending the first few months of their marriage in complete pleasure. Kerala, India’s seaside paradise has long been one of the most popular honeymoon locations for couples starting on a new beginning in their life. LYT will help you by being your Kerala Honeymoon Guide to make your honeymoon memorable.


Kerala is home to the magnificent beauty of nature, with beautiful spots such as Chem bra Peak Wayanad, Treehouses overlooking Waterfalls in Athirappilly, and Tea Gardens in Munnar providing a calm environment to enjoy. 

A glimpse of a flourishing culture

Kerala has a distinct culture that is a mix of Aryans and Dravidians. This region’s art forms are admired all around the world.

Luxurious Stays

Despite its reputation for calmness, Kerala has some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the nation. Kerala provides a wide range of properties, from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, ensuring the most pleasant & peaceful honeymoon in this beautiful state. 


For almost a thousand years, Ayurveda has been developed on these shores, the world is slowly awakening to the practical applications of this ancient type of treatment. Kerala has been the ideal location for this practice from ancient times, it is home to a variety of Treatment and Research Centers. Ayurveda focuses on the individual’s full holistic growth and well-being. One might go to the local Ayurveda Centre to use this service. 

Best time to visit Kerala for Honeymoon

Depending on personal interests& reasons for travel, ideal season to visit Kerala for a honeymoon might well be divided into three categories: summer, monsoon, & winter. Winter in Kerala lasts from October to February, and this is the peak period for visitors. To enjoy the best of Kerala, you just need to book Kerala Tour Package offered by LYT. The weather is relaxing and lovely. Summers& monsoons in Kerala are not finest times to explore the mysterious beauty, but you may enjoy excellent leisure time. 

5 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Kerala honeymoon guide is not complete without mentioning the best destinations for Honeymoon in Kerala. A honeymoon couple enjoys a romantic moment at sunset on a Kerala beach. We have built a list of the five Kerala honeymoon places to save you time searching for the finest ones. Kerala entices couples from all over Asia with its numerous specialties, which range from traditional healthcare to gorgeous hill stations a variety of animals. The following are some of the most fantastic romantic sites in Kerala that will undoubtedly offer you a passionate start to your honeymoon.

AlleppeyAlleppey, officially known as Alappuzha, borders the Laccadive Sea, where you may have a calm shikara ride with your spouse and explore the endless rice fields, secluded islands, and lazy backwaters. Also, don’t miss the breath-taking sunset, which features a sky colored. With orange, red, yellow, & pink colours till the sun dips into the lake underneath. Alleppey also offers some of the most beautiful palm-fringed canals, soothing Ayurvedic resorts, softly flowing backwaters. All of which will make your honeymoon even more romantic and wonderful. Alleppey is one of Kerala’s greatest honeymoon destinations due to its isolated resorts, gorgeous views, and picturesque backwaters. 

WayanadWayanad is one of Kerala’s most famous honeymoon destinations because of its heart-shaped lake halfway up Chamber Hill. The lake is said to be endless since it is full of water at all times of the year. You and your spouse can hike up to the lake and see this enthralling force of nature. Wayanad is home to gushing waterfall, hiking trail, large spice farm, old cavern, & magnificent hotel. Where you may spend holiday with your loved one in perfect comfort.


The ideal honeymoon destination in God’s own country, is located in the Idukki district at an elevation of 6000 feet. During the British era in India, Munnar was a popular summer destination. In its wild sanctuaries, you may enjoy endless stretch of tea plantations, beautiful valleys, mountains, colorful varieties of flora & fauna. The Echo Point, a panoramic scene at the convergence of three mountain streams, is another charming place in Munnar. Pothamedu Viewpoint is one of the greatest places to see the stunning panoramic vistas of tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations.

Kumara Kom: Kumara Kom is basically a collection of many man-made islands recovered from the lake. Situated among coconut palms and green rice paddies. Kumara Kom is one of Kerala’s greatest honeymoon locations and an important part of every Kerala honeymoon package, which allows you to spend quality time with your better half at its historical mansions, which have been turned into luxurious villas. You and your partner can also enjoy recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and bird watching. The world-famous Kumara Kom bird sanctuary is a popular stop for migrating birds & is a must-see for every nature lover. 

Thekkady: If you and your partner want to get up close and personal with Kerala wildlife tour packages and the environment, trekked should be on your Kerala honeymoon itinerary. Trekked, home to the country’s largest tiger reserve, provides you with a glimpse of Paraiyar’s wilderness. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Cellar Kovil, which is only a short distance from Trekked. After your woodland expedition, you may relax by the gushing waterfalls and streams in the region. Ensure that your Kerala honeymoon package includes this.

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