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Tour Packages for Himachal

Affordable Tour Packages For Himachal

Are you traveling to Himachal Pradesh in 2023? Himachal Pradesh; Dev Bhoomi beckons visitors with its mesmerizing landscapes, vibrant culture as well as majestic beauty. At Lock Your Trip, you’ll find the best travel packages as per your interest and budget. We offer customized itineraries that are ideal for your choices and tour preferences. Himachal Pradesh is the land of enchanting beauty and mesmerizing landscapes that enchant as well as fascinate you with its stunning beauty. With each turn revealing a new aspect of this enchanted state, our tour packages for Himachal are meant to take you on an amazing trip.

Day 1–2: Shimla, The Queen of Hills, Arrival

When you land in Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, your journey officially begins. Known as the “Queen of Hills,” Shimla is also renowned for its picturesque scenery, comfortable temperature, and historical charm. 

On your first day, explore Ridge, Jakhoo Temple, and Mall Road. The Mall Road is a great place to shop and taste local cuisine, while The Ridge provides expansive views of the surrounding mountains.

Visit the Christ Church, one of the oldest churches in North India, and wander around Annandale’s verdant surroundings on the second day. Also, take advantage of the chance to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient Kalka-Shimla Toy Train, which offers stunning views of the highlands.

Day 3- 4: The Gateway to Adventure, Manali

Make your way to Manali, a paradise for those who enjoy the great outdoors and adventure. Moreover, visit the Kullu Valley, which is renowned for its colorful marketplaces and gorgeous scenery. Visit the Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali, which honors the Mahabharata character Bhima’s wife, and the Vashisht Hot Water Springs, which are well-known for their healing qualities.

Also, take a trip to Solang Valley, an adventurer’s paradise, the next day. Depending on the season, partake in exhilarating sports like skiing, zorbing, and paragliding. Another must-see location is Rohtang Pass, with its stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks.

Day 5–6: McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala: Peace in the Himalayas

Visit the Dalai Lama’s home, Dharamshala, and its quaint neighborhood, McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is the center of Tibetan spirituality and culture, while Dharamshala is renowned for its tranquil monasteries. See the Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Bhagsu Waterfall, and Namgyal Monastery. Enjoy the local food and explore the Tibetan marketplaces while taking a stroll around the quaint alleyways.

Days 7-8: Tea Gardens and Beautiful Sceneries in Palampur

Travel to Palampur, a hidden treasure encircled by pine trees and tea plantations. Take a stroll through the fragrant tea gardens and tour the verdant tea farms. A must-see is the Baijnath Temple because of its architectural and historical value. Savor the peace of this excellent location as well as the kind welcome of the locals.

Day 9–10: Colonial Charm amid the Mountains at Dalhousie

Continue to Dalhousie, a town from the colonial era set against the magnificent Dhauladhar mountain range. See Panchpula, Subhash Baoli, and St. John’s Church. Known as the “Mini Switzerland of India,” Khajjiar is a popular day trip destination because of its verdant meadows and thick woodlands. Experience the breathtaking scenery of this enchanted location while horseback riding.

Day 11-12: Chandigarh – Modernity Among Nature

Driving to Chandigarh, a city renowned for its contemporary architecture and urban planning, marks the end of your adventure. Additionally, see the Capitol Complex, which was created by the well-known architect Le Corbusier, the Rock Garden, and Sukhna Lake. As you say goodbye to Himachal Pradesh, consider the variety of events and recollections.

The famous highest passes of Himachal Pradesh: 

Himachal Pradesh boasts a dizzying assortment of mountain passes, many of which provide breathtaking vistas and act as entry points to other regions. 

Here is a list of a few of the highest pass of Himachal Pradesh:

Rohtang pass:

  • Eastern Pir Panjal Range is the location.
  • 3,979 meters (13,054 ft) above sea level
  • Significance: Kunzum Pass links the Kullu Valley to Lahaul and the Spiti Valley.

It is the highest pass of Himachal Pradesh

Kunzum pass:

  • 4,590 meters (15,060 feet) above the sea level
  • Significance: Links the Spiti Valley and Lahaul to the Kullu Valley.

Baralacha La:

  • Location: The Zanskar Range
  • 4,890 meters (16,040 feet) above sea level
  • Roads from Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul, and Spiti Valley converge at this significant 

Maling Nala:

  • Place: The Pir Panjal Mountains
  • 3,638 meters (11,932 feet) above sea level
  • Significance: Linking Kullu Valley 

Kugti pass:

  • Place: The Pir Panjal Mountains
  • 5,050 meters (16,568 feet) above sea level
  • Significance: Links Lahaul Valley and Bharmour

Sach Pass:

  • Place: The Pir Panjal Mountains
  • 4,420 meters (14,501 feet) above sea level
  • Significance: Links Pangi Valley with Chamba Valley

Parang La:

  • Where: The Zanskar Range
  • 5,580 meters (18,307 ft) above sea level
  • Significance: Links Ladakh and Spiti Valley

Pin Parvati Pass:

  • Where: The Himalayan Range
  • 5,319 meters (17,451 feet) above sea level
  • Significance: Links Spiti Valley with Parvati Valley (Kullu)

Hampta Pass:

  • Place: The Pir Panjal Mountains
  • 4,270 meters (14,009 feet) above sea level
  • The connection between Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley is significant.

Chanshal Pass:

  • Where: The Shimla District
  • 3,622 meters (11,880 ft) above sea level
  • Significance: Links Rohru and Dodra Kwar in the Shimla District

These passes provide adventure seekers with hiking options and an opportunity to see the many ecosystems and landscapes of Himachal Pradesh in addition to being essential transit routes. Traveling across the highest pass in Himachal Pradesh is a chance to take in the natural splendor of the Himalayas, each with its own distinct character.

Ending note:

Our specifically designed tour packages for Himachal combine adventure, peace, and cultural discovery. Whether you’re looking for the peace of tea gardens, the excitement of mountain sports, or the comfort of old temples, Himachal Pradesh promises to provide an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you leave. Set off on this adventure to experience the Himalayas’ enchantment and make lifelong memories.

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