A Handy Guide to Ooty Mysore Trip for a Fantastic Vacation

Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package

Nestled in the azure Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a well-liked getaway from the hustle-bustle of cities. With its breathtaking vistas, abundant vegetation, and thrilling experiences, Ooty assures visitors of wonderful memories. With a one-day sightseeing tour from Mysore, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Ooty, which is adorned with emerald mountains, deep woods, and hills covered in plantations of tea, coffee, and spices. You may fully enjoy the breathtaking views of the hill station on your one-day trip from Mysore to Ooty when you opt for the Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package. 

In addition, you can engage in exhilarating pursuits like boating and hiking on natural routes. Discover the depths of the area’s rich history, culture, and heritage at this magnificent hill town. When you take your time to explore and discover this hill station, you’ll create an unforgettable experience. Your Ooty Mysore trip will be the most fascinating plan in advance.

Best Time to Visit Ooty Mysore from Bangalore tour package

Winter travel, from December to February, is the ideal time of year to arrange a visit. The optimum seasons to visit these locations are not during the monsoon or summer when it would be too hot and there is a chance of heavy rain ruining the vacation.


It is said that Mysore is the “city of palaces.” The Wodeyar dynasty, which was avid supporters of the arts and culture, had previously made the city their capital. You will discover the rich history of the city as you tour the palaces and architecture. In addition, the city is well-known for its sandalwood goods and its annual Dasara festival, or Navaratri. Ensure that the things you purchase are genuine Sandalwood from the nearby market. Your Mysore tour will be amazing if you go sightseeing with your loved ones. Beautifully constructed from exquisite gray granite and rich pink marble domes, the Maharaja’s Palace is three stories high.  There is a massive tower with gold-painted domes that stands over this edifice. Snapping pictures is not allowed at all.

Mysuru Zoo was the next item on the list. Originally, Chamarajendra Wadiyar X founded it as a private zoo. There are roughly a thousand animals at the zoo. The Mysuru Zoo was the first in the nation to acquire both gorillas and penguins. We had fun at the zoo even though there were no longer any large animals there. The Brindavan Garden was next on the list. Often regarded as the best example of lit terrace gardens in the nation, the Brindavan Gardens were situated directly beneath one of the dams. You can opt for the tour packages Mysore to travel affordably.


Ooty is referred to as “The Queen of Hill Stations” by locals. It blends beautiful parks and gardens with quaint houses from the Raj era with the hustle of India. Ooty, often referred to as Udhagamandalam, is a well-known hill resort in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which is part of the Nilgiri Hills. Ooty is well known for its lush vegetation, undulating hills, and colonial-era buildings, as well as for its stunning scenery. The town, which was founded in the 19th century by the British as a summer resort, is home to lovely lakes, botanical gardens, and historic cottages. The tour packages in Mysore Ooty will help you explore the charm easily.

Top Things to Do in Ooty

First and foremost among the most popular things to do here is to take in the sights of the Botanical Garden. There are six distinct parts inside Ooty Botanical Garden: Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace, and Nurseries. We were met by a riot of hues as soon as we arrived. One of the main features of Ooty Botanical Gardens was its extensive collection of spreading flower beds. It includes a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers and is also a well-liked tourist attraction.

Boating in Ooty Lake

Peddle boats and motorboats were the two types of watercraft that were offered. Numerous activities, including a 3D show, a toy train ride, a Tora-Tora ride, and pony rides, are located next to the lake.

Top Attractions in Ooty

Some of the major attractions and sights that Ooty Tour offers are the Pykara Lake & Dam, St. Stephen’s Church, Kamaraj Sagar Dam, Botanical Garden, and Rose Garden. Wenlock Downs, with its undulating meadows and ideal picnic spots, is another fascinating Ooty tourist destination. Take a boat ride at sunset at the Ooty Boathouse as well. The Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package will also let you explore fascinating attractions.

In addition, you may take walks around the neighboring communities, go on climbs, and have day picnics at the adjacent Avalanche and Emerald Lakes. If you’d want to include more places on your schedule, Coonoor, it’s more sedate and charming twin, is a wonderful choice for a day trip or even an overnight stay. Do not leave Ooty without visiting the tea estates, no matter what you do.

Why make the trip from Mysore to Ooty?

Unquestionably, Ooty is the most popular mountain destination in South India and has long been a favorite with travelers of all stripes. Undoubtedly the jewel of the Nilgiris, Ooty boasts lush tea farms, a steep terrain, year-round ideal weather, and an old-world charm that makes it unforgettable. Even if the location is ideal for a fantastic holiday, you may amp up the adventure by driving there from Mysore, the closest city. Your holiday may begin as soon as you leave Mysore when you reserve a taxi with Savaari. You can therefore make your trip of Ooty Mysore an adventure by choosing fascinating spots to halt along the way and using excellent on-road service to ensure a comfortable ride.

Getting There in Ooty

By Train Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package

By train, you cannot cover the distance between Mysore and Ooty. On the other hand, you can take the train to Coimbatore and then a bus or a car from there. The only train that runs from Mysore to Ooty is the MYSURU EXPRESS (16316), which is also a fast train. Therefore, to get the best prices on your Mysore to Ooty train reservation, check the Indian Railways website or any other online travel gateway. By bus or rail ride, you’ll need about 15 hours to reach Coimbatore. Visit the IRCTC website to view the most recent timetables and updated train schedules.

By Road Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package

The only authorized route that travels the shortest distance between Mysore and Ooty is this one. To reach Ooty, it is the most frequent path used by all tourists. It just takes 125 kilometers to travel from Mysore to Ooty using this route. Additionally, there won’t be a lot of traffic on this road from Mysore to Ooty. To obtain a better picture of the road conditions, use real-time maps and always check for live traffic updates. However, during rainy seasons, there may be some road construction or blockades.So, this was a handy guide to the Mysore Ooty trip. You can easily opt for the Bangalore to Ooty Mysore tour package provided by Lock Your Trip and plan your trip comfortably and affordably.

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