Discover the Queen of Hills; Shimla on your upcoming vacations.

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

An ideal vacation consists of a good time exploring various tourist attractions in Shimla. Our affordable tour packages for Shimla from Delhi offer an exceptional opportunity to get immersed amidst the Queen of Hills.

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a heaven that attracts domestic and international visitors. Shimla, the wonderland is well-known for its colonial charm, snow-capped peaks, and green landscapes and offers a tranquil retreat for an unforgettable experience. 

With our , you can connect with the spirit of the Himalayas through a carefully crafted experience rather than merely embarking on a journey. Every day adds a new chapter to your discovery of this captivating place, from the picturesque train trip to the energetic streets of Shimla, the spiritual heights of Jakhoo Temple, the adventure at Kufri, and the peaceful refuge in Chail. 

Therefore, our exclusive Shimla trip budget is thoroughly designed to fit your preferences and budgetary limitations. 

How does your journey begin? 

Day 1: Arrival in this enchanting state

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Your adventure begins with the UNESCO-listed Kalka-Shimla Railway. Hence, This lovely narrow-gauge railway sets the ideal mood for your trip to Shimla with its picturesque vistas and quaint stops.

Day 2: Seeing The Ridge and Mall Road in the Heart of Shimla

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

We begin the second day with a stroll down the famous Mall Road in Shimla. A lively boulevard that offers the ideal fusion of heritage and modernity, Mall Road is lined with stores, cafés, and structures dating back to the colonial era. 

As the day goes on, head to The Ridge, a large open area right in the middle of Shimla. Also, Visit the Christ Church, and take in the calm beauty of this hub of activity.

Day 3: Explore the Jakhoo Temple

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Take a breathtaking drive or climb to the Jakhoo Temple, which is located atop Shimla’s tallest hill, on the third day. The Lord Hanuman temple provides more than just a spiritual experience. 

Day 4: Adventure journey at Kufri

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Day four is devoted to adventure seekers’ visit to Kufri, a little hill station a short drive from Shimla. Kufri, which is surrounded by scenery blanketed in snow, provides a variety of sports, such as horseback riding and tobogganing. 

Day 5: Chail day trip

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Spend a day excursion to the peaceful town of Chail, which is well-known for both the Chail Palace and its peace. With beautiful views of the surrounding hills, the travel to Chail is almost as fascinating as the destination itself. Discover the palace, which used to be the Maharaja of Patiala’s summer residence, and also pay a visit to the world’s highest cricket stadium included in our tour packages for Shimla from Delhi.

Day 6: Depart and say goodbye to this enchanting land

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Take some time in the morning on your last day in Shimla to unwind and think back on the amazing things that have happened over the last five days. Savor Shimla’s splendor one final time, explore the hotel’s amenities or go for a stroll on one of the surrounding trails.

Shimla Sightseeing: 

Below are some local sightseeing in Shimla that offer you a fascinating experience during your vacation. 

Christ Church: 

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Situated on The Ridge, Christ Church stands as one of the oldest churches in North India, boasting captivating neo-Gothic architecture that enhances its allure. Moreover, Take a minute to appreciate the surrounding scenery and the peace that exists within its confines.

Rashtrapati Niwas, the Viceregal Lodge: 

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

The Viceregal Lodge, which was the British Viceroy’s summer house, provides evidence of Shimla’s colonial heritage. The building’s architecture combines Jacobethan and English Renaissance design elements. However, Encircled by immaculate grounds, the lodge provides a tranquil haven.

Himalayan Bird Park: 

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Himalayan Bird Park, located on Mall Road. This park is also a home to several native and exotic bird species.

State Museum and Library:

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Visit the State Museum to learn more about the rich cultural legacy and history of Shimla. The museum also provides insights into the artistic and historical growth of the region via its unique collection of antiques, sculptures, and handicrafts.

Annandale Ground:

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

A charming meadow with stunning views of the surrounding hills, Annandale Ground is also a well-liked location for cricket games. It’s a lovely location for a picnic or a stroll as it offers a tranquil diversion from the bustle of town.

Shimla Heritage Museum:

tour packages for Shimla from Delhi

Visit the Heritage Museum at the Ridge to learn more about Shimla’s past. The museum also tells the tale of Shimla’s development from a peaceful village to a thriving metropolis through an amazing collection of images, records, and artifacts.

Visiting Shimla for your upcoming vacation includes a captivating experience for you and your loved ones. With our tour packages for Shimla from Delhi, you have also the opportunity to enjoy the utmost surroundings of Shimla and let the hills weave their magic on you. 

What’s included in our Shimla trip budget? 

  • Staying at a 3-star hotel
  • All meals
  • Traveling in a car with air conditioning
  • Sightseeing tours 
  • Entrance fees
  • English-speaking guide


  • Personal costs
  • Offering
  • Anything not specified on the schedule

Shimla tour package price: 

Our Shimla tour package price entirely depends on your interest and budgetary limitations. However, we tailor our itineraries to your preferences, allowing for modifications to create a customized and personalized experience. Feel free to make bookings anytime directly from our official website and grab the discounted packages. 

Heed this:

  • Feel free to customize this example itinerary to suit your unique requirements and interests.
  • Prices might change at any time.

Travelers looking for a blend of adventure and peace in the heart of the Himalayas continue to choose Shimla for its breathtaking scenery, rich history, and vibrant culture. Also, it’s an enchanting state that provides an incredible vacation experience with our tour packages for Shimla from Delhi by Lock Your Trip

We are committed to offering supreme travel packages to both couples and families. We understand and heed your interest and offer customized itineraries within your budget. Seize our affordable deals now and travel safely! 

Seek our Shimla tour package price now, and let the Queen of Hills enchant you. We hope your trip to Shimla is amazing!

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