Here’s everything you need to know about Kerala’s Longest Zipline in Wayanad

As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but greenery and Kerala wildlife tour packages. Wayanad, a city in Kerala state, is rich in flora and fauna. This biodiversity hotspot is a wonderful place to visit for people of all ages. If you simply want to relax and stay at a resort, or if you want to experience something new, like Zipline in Wayanad, here you will find all you need. The state has always been forward-thinking and honest when it comes to tourism. The facilities are excellent, and the administration and people of the state take the protection of the environment extremely seriously. This adventure activity can be enjoyed by just booking the Kerala tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. Apart from enjoying the adventure, you may also visit national parks and explore unusual locations such as waterfalls.

Ziplining in Wayanad

The zip line we’re discussing is the longest in Kerala and the second-longest in South India. This well-kept zipline is supervised by highly skilled adventure organizations and is one of the best ziplining spots in Kerala. The line is around 300 meters long and runs through some deep forests in Wayanad. There is a zipline in Wayanad for every tourist, located near Poznan.

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The rapid zipline will take you over lush green farms and towering trees once your safety equipment is set. This organization deals with clients in a professional manner and guarantees the highest level of security. In Wayanad, people of all ages may take a chance. It is one of the most Popular Zipline in Wayanad.

Highlights of Ziplining in Wayanad

  • The zipline speed will be more than you think, so relax and enjoy the trip rather than taking photographs or selfies.
  • The place is four kilometers from Wayanad’s main city.
  • Avoid ziplining in high winds or rain, because these are not safe circumstances for the activity.
  • Keep in mind that if this is your first time ziplining, you are not expected to hang on the entire time. The harness will be linked to a comfortable seat on which you will sit, and it is recommended that you grab the rope to minimize swinging.
  • A hard helmet to protect your skull from any collision, a pair of gloves to protect your hands from biting, and a safety harness will be provided.

Timing and Pricing

This fantastic experience is available for a very reasonable price of INR 250 per person. It is affordable. The cost of zipping in Wayanad Will inspire you to take many photographs on your path. From 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., the zipline is open. Ziplining is best done later in the evening when the sun’s rays are milky. This would also be a fantastic photo opportunity. The site is easily accessible on the web map, and you will notice it from afar before arriving. Since darkness, the zipline is unsuitable for obvious reasons. Weather can also have a significant role. Warm summertime is the best time to go ziplining in Wayanad and the best way to do so is the Kerala tour package by LYT.

Tips for Ziplining in Wayanad

  • Check the weather and conditions Before heading to the destination, and also have a look at the Wayanad review.
  • Before arriving at the location of the zipline, ask the person in charge as many things as you can and clarify any worries you have. If it helps, look at other people to get a sense of what you’ve been doing.
  • Dress appropriately and in well-fitting clothing. Wearing sandals or slippers that can slide through your foot while zipping is not permitted.
  • Keep all valuables in your luggage or car when ziplining. If something falls out of your hand while zipping, it may be impossible to recover.
  • If you are nervous about heights or have any other health complications, you should train before trying this adventure.
  • The zipline is not suitable for kids under the age of five.
  • It is advisable to use a GoPro camera on an extension stick to film your ziplining adventure. They are small and light and maybe simply connected to your wrist.

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